Tesla - Pimping Elon's Ride?


any time i have dropped a bmw or mercedes in for a service i get a car for the day or lift home, maybe its different in the states?

Also Tesla offer this ranger thing, maybe they dont go to far flung places but its hardly that offensive to ask if they d?

Me, i dont personally fix anything, i dont have the tools or the time and generally the cost benefit analysis comes down on me hiring someone, but when i was a member of various car clubs people did all sorts of work on BMW M3s and M5s and porches so just because you and i dont do it doesnt make him an idiot for doing it,

i think you want to hate the guy without thinking about what you are saying.


Well there is the small matter of geography. To map this guys location onto somewhere you might know. Imagine there was a Porsche dealer in Galway city, somewhere awkward, not in the city center (such as there is) and some rich guy who lives out on the Aran islands, or even more likely, an island in Clew Bay , gets all annoyed that the now that his car is out of warranty the dealer, who is desperate for customers and spends huge amounts of money like there is no tomorrow, no longer treats him with the standard extremely cosseted warranty customer level of service. I’ve heard people like this before, in person, and have zero sympathy for them.

You’re allusion to BMW M3 / M5 owners who “fix” their own cars brought a smile to my face. As someone who has owned a long line of E23’s and E34’s over the decades, all bought used, I learned long ago to stay away from second hand M3 and M5 precisely because so many had been irreparably damaged by their owners mucking around with the cars. Unless you have a complete service record for the car that shows zero repairs / improvements by the owners, unless the owner is a professional BMW mechanic, you never ever buy one of these cars as they always prove to be money pits. My mechanic, Eddy, just laughs and refuses to work on them when any of these “owner repaired” cars is brought into his shop. He can afford to refuse these screwed up M’s because he has more than enough work as one of the best Mercedes rebuild / restoration shop in the NorCal. He’s also a great BMW guy. Very happy customer for almost 25 years and the reason why my next car will probably be an E32 or E38. Built like tanks and good for 200K miles plus before rebuilds.


As I understand it, in a defamation case the burden of proof (that the defamatory statement is true) is on the defendant. That would seem quite difficult even for someone with Musk’s resources. You’d need a witness to a sexual act with a minor or a child and a DNA test, or a criminal prosecution.


Please don’t call him “Elon”!



Interesting article about the electric grid in the Lebanon, the market seems perfect for Powerwalls and solar PV


Would the case have to be brought in the US? He was defamed globally.


Exactly. The guy in question is British, thats where the damage was done to his reputation. UK courts will likely accept the case?


Just in the UK, I don’t think so, he has been defamed world wide



What I mean is that historically London of the best places to take a case like this…

thetimes.co.uk/article/its- … 32tgdpv72g

“Libel capital of the world”


If the case were involving two Americans the UK probably wouldn’t take it (defamed worldwide doesn’t mean anything)

However enforceing a UK libel judgement in the US isn’t straight forward


thedrive.com/news/23396/repo … -in-the-us

Tesla appears to be just above Lada in terms of reliability

If you want a reliable EV - try the Leaf

thesun.co.uk/motors/7190167 … able-cars/


Tesla Dips as Musk Smokes Weed During Interview Hours After Short-Seller Lawsuit
thestreet.com/markets/tesla … t-14705283


The real story there is the chief accountant walking out of the job after just a few weeks.


from the footage, he looks as if he rarely touches the stuff


Source seems to be a blogger that used a Tesla press release as his source.

Actual channel numbers…


some analysis…


Actual numbers for month for Tesla about 8k (maybe) units in a very slow month

Did see my first confirmed Model 3 up close a few days ago. Being winched onto the back of a tow truck after been totaled in an accident. Given how bashed in the front was I first thought it had run into one of the support columns of the Central Freeway. But looking at the debris field it soon became obvious it had run into another vehicle. Of which there was no sign. So must have run into the back corner of a delivery truck or semi trailer. I had seen that happen before. The car was totaled but the truck undamaged apart from scratches and paint smears. After the exchange of insurance info the truck driver drove off to finish his deliveries but the car needed towing. If lucky the Model 3 maybe a salvage title. If not, a complete write off and to the breakers yard. In this case the frame was so bent up the tow truck guy had to whack the back wheels with a sledge hammer to get them to run straight as he winched.

It turns out I had seen a few Model 3’s previously but they are such nondescript looking cars that they look like just some crappy cheap looking Korean of Chinese low end car. Or GM cars from about 20 years ago. Look like an unfinished design, basically shoddy looking, giving a real cheap and slapped together vibe. Both the VM Passat and the Honda Accord, both far cheaper cars, look far more stylish and substantial cars. The Model 3 does not look like a $50K car, it looks like some el cheapo, sub $15K car that is targeted at those people who can only buy bottom of the barrel cars advertised by the 'Bad Credit / No Credit" car dealers on late night TV.

Not surprised they have so many issues. Wont be surprised if they are as bad as the worst GM cars. Might even be bad enough to be covered by the “Lemon Laws”.


(imho) American cars are usually crap, probably on account of planned obsolescence. Perhaps they make the odd good model. I’d be curious to know which?

Eg: Check out the Tesla Model S door handle.

Failure points x Time = Financial/Emotional pain.

Think of all those microswitches x3 (x2 sides), the motor, the cable connectors. Now consider the salty air of an Atlantic climate, the bugs, the dust, the rust, the drizzle, the dirt and the grime,…

(also, that plastic will start to degrade over time and become brittle,) This is a part used many times per day.

Clever, but not smart.


There are a number of youtube videos out there showing how to repair those and where to get a repair kit, so yes complex and prone to failure.


Was starting to get a bit suspicious about that cave divers silence myself I must admit but the lawsuit has begun, this should be entertaining:

Elon Musk sued by the cave rescue diver he called a ‘pedo guy’ and ‘child rapist’


Unsworth and his lawyers have been far from silent the last few months. So probably not paying attention. And dont know how these lawsuits work.

Anyway, they are off…


…as promised.

Now the interesting first move is to file in the Central District Federal Court in LA. Smart move. If it goes to a jury trial you get a very different jury pool from State courts. Or the Northern District in SF. Plus the people who tend to end up in Federal jury pools in LA would be very familiar with Musks antics in LA and just what kind of people he hangs out with. So much more like a Grand Jury pool. Very unsympathetic to rich assholes like Musk. Musks legal team will probably try some delaying tactics, motions to dismiss etc but I suspect Musks legal team will be telling him from the get go to settle for some very large 7 figure sum and an absolutely grovelling public apology. The case is cut and dried enough for a summary judgment but as Unsworths legal team is looking at 7 figure legal fees unlikely to happen.

On a related topic, I am seeing a lot more Model 3’s the last few weeks. The build quality is exceptionally variable. From almost as good as a cheap Honda to looking as slapdash as a Chrysler K car from the 1980’s. That bad. Which is pretty atrocious for a $60K “luxury car”.


I find Rich Repairs fun to watch.
His undying enthusiasm is highly entertaining.


You really are a tragic little hardman arent you? :laughing: