Tesla - Pimping Elon's Ride?


Yes exactly, thats why I think ULA will just leave the launch business to SpaceX and Blue Origin, Boeing and Lockheed just don’t need to bother being competitive when they can sell hundreds F-35s for $115 million per plane, easy money



Ah, now I see where you are coming from. So to speak. To me the commercial / science payload part of the business was always a minor side show. Which is reflected in the project / job numbers. Which ULA will let go for the short term. Which in their time scale could be a decade or more.

To me its just one big - the rocket goes up, something may or may not comedown somewhere else - business. The launch tech is pretty much the same. The payload tech can be somewhat different if the payload is suppose to come down again and go bang. But most of the non going bang payload tech is the same. In the US, UK and France most of the launch platform tech jobs required security clearance. In the US the majority of the payload tech jobs required security clearance. This has changed somewhat in the last decade due to the rise of the purely commercial launch platform companies but at least around here launch platform jobs still pretty much means security clearance. Clearance is pretty ubiquitous in some parts of the tech business. On the last heavy duty embedded software team I worked with I was the only one of the ten senior people who did not have security clearance of some sort or other. This was for a mass market consumer electronic product but 8 of the 9 had worked on launch / payload in the past and the ninth was ex military. Worked on some TLA payload stuff he could not even name while in the USAF but he did go very quiet once when I mention one particularly obscure sensor technology in passing. So a hint. Perhaps.

So at least when it comes to actually building stuff my perspective on the commercial / military launch / payload mix and relative size is very dependent on project size / jobs rather than public profile. Not sure how accurate that might be in the bigger picture but my motto is usually - follow the money. And relative expenditure usually gives a good idea of relative size and importance. And for the last few decades that has been mostly military or dual use. Dual use being a very big chunk of it.


I will just leave this here and say nothing



Nice find.

But this is a better match. The parallels are much more pronounced…

An ITV documentary from the late 1980’s.


Just how short tesla stock are you?
The man single handedly forced a huge industry to shift to EVs which only a moron would think was worse than a world full of ICE.
Listening to you drone on about some perceived slight you have against the man is tiresome.

Drop the hammer in a model x P100D in ludicrous mode and report back…
Doing the same in a ICE ferrari is like putting a cassette tape on after.

No matter what happens, the man has left his mark on the world - You don’t have to buy his cars or his stock.

JMC does not like Musk - We get it. Next.


Musk is a great sales man, but perhaps he doesn’t deserve all the credit.

There’s some videos on youtube showing the automation used in production of the Nissan leaf, it’s quite impressive.

PSA/Citroen/Peugeot also has/had an extensive EV program going back many years.


I see your point - But EVs aren’t a big deal cos Nissan made the Leaf or PSA chased a few tax breaks in france.
There were plenty of crap electric cars b4 musk came along.

What was different is that he came in at the top end of the market, made it a desired object, and basically forced the german luxury brands to follow, as big beemers and merc were no longer fashionable/saleable. (The germans were too busy trying to choke everyone on Nox and cheat on test scores. They fooled the irish and most european governments to bring in tax breaks for the smelly diesel things.)

Everyone else is playing catchup since.

Tesla may or may not survive (cant see why not with 80k sales in a quarter), but the game is now changed and Musk can take much of the credit for that.


I will still be driving gas power cars (petrol to you), as will everyone else, long after the last EV has been sent to a breakers yard somewhere out in the Central Valley.

JMC has seen dot com and other equivalent scams come and go over the last 30 plus years…

JMC has watched CARB (the California Air Resource Board) ram though its anti-car agenda over the last 30 plus years. Been following the story since the tail end of the Tom Quinn era. There would be no EV’s without CARB and it very very expensive political agenda.

JMC has had to pay thousands of dollars in taxes and subsidies to finance these EV/renewable energy scams.

JMC actually knows the area in Bel Air where Musk lives. And what kind of people live there. Looks like I’ll be driving through Sepulvada Pass in the next week or two. Shall I give him the finger from the San Diego Freeway as I pass?..

And your qualifications on this particular multi billion dollar scam are? Which is all it is.

Those guys at Enron, Lehman Bros, AIG, LTCM, and even Anglo Irish Bank also have a very big impact on the world. Scams one and all too.

So your point was? The state of California on its own has more oil reserves than Iraq (although even the Bureau of Mines has been recently nobbled it seems.) Why do we need very expensive EV’s, the Model 3 is a $60K Civic, that require huge subsides and are part of an agenda to vastly inflate the price of energy. By a factor of three at the moment.

Its scams all the way down. In the state of California if its Green its invariably a scam. Unless its a State Forest. Which are really great and those guys deserve a much bigger budget…


Folks buy Tesla all over the world. Don’t see how that’s a scam.


There is some very advanced technology inside the Tesla this is true.
The electronics and the motor are amazing feats of engineering.
IMHO, the problem (for all EVs) is still the battery and its suitability for mass production and mass use.
How recyclable is it? -> % put back in remade batteries (waste) and energy required (cost) to do so. (closed loop system)
What is the batteries cycle capacity before degradation? -> Effects resale economics (& What is the cost of battery replacement?)

The French EV’s were quite sophisticated. (There were many other French companies involved in their production)
They were designed around a particular brief.

I would agree with @JMC in that history shows us there are many hidden agendas, intrigues, plots, ploys, scams & schemes.
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_M … conspiracy
This could be another one. Time will tell.


Jmc. If i had a tesla for every time u mentioned u live in cali, id have taken their last quarters entire production run. I doubt elon is too concerned with you passing his house giving him the finger. He probably has more interesting stuff to worry about/do.
I vaguely remember u mentioned that you drive mid-eighties bmws and claiming that their brakes were superior to modern cars, which is idiotic. My apologies if that wasnt u, but i am pretty sure it was.
Tax breaks for industries are nothing new. Why is there a bmw plant in spartenberg? Not too many electrics coming out of that…
Anyway, you seem to have plenty of tome to spit out Siri like rants, full of chunks of info, but making no overall sense.
The model 3 is outselling the bmw 3 series, just like the s outsells the 7. Bmw are very worried…
Say hi to Elon the next time you meet. Im sure he’d love to hear your opinions…


Within the cult of technology Tesla is a sacred object.
When Tech bubble 2.0 pops, Tesla will fall,
and many a nerd will shed a tear.


Evs will live on, and they are a lot more exciting to drive that diesels thankfully.

Dont get me wrong.
I race internal combustion engine cars.
But there is something about launching an suv 5 up and getting to 60 in 2.8 or so seconds or so that makes u realise that the world is changing.

And like him or hate him, musk was the Jobs of his era and his industry.

No amount of god awful leafs would have made that happen.


Musk a great marketer, he’s clever too. But it’s not about him.
This is about the market and where we are in the cycle. He was bootstrapping all the way along but he now looks to be running out of runway.

As one of Tesla/Musks long time detractors say…the jaws are closing on Tesla.
cnbc.com/2018/09/18/tesla-i … -lutz.html

Musk’s magic is fading: Is the “tech 2.0” bubble about to burst?
bigthink.com/mike-colagrossi/mu … t-to-burst

In the long term a big clear out might be a good thing.
EV’s will continue on after a crash and once the battery is cracked they’ll be massive.


Imagine if Tesla launched a proper basic model.
No bells or whistles, no autopilot kits, and a Fiat 500 trim.
Would probably be able to undercut the Leaf even in Ireland.


If/when the federal reserve raises interest rates enough its game over for a lot of companies and businesses that rely on the current bubble.
Tesla is one of them imo.
Tesla has nothing that is unique, it’s a car with an electric motor.
Electric motors have been around longer than the ice.
I do admire musk playing the game though. His bs is quality bs


What it has uniquely though, is sales.
**Tesla sold more cars than BMW in the US in August **(cars only, not including SUVs/CUVs). Read that again!
Sales the German brands can only look back in awe at.

Not too sure why I am even defending them - But just hate to see bs go unanswered. (Not intended as a dig at you 335i)


But like BMW, they need options to make the margins.

Tesla aren’t shipping cheap cars because they can’t make cars cheap.


There good sales figures even allowing for the shite build quality as previously reported
It also shows there is not much point in building 6,000 a week if you are only selling 4,000 a week
Unless they sort the quality the desirability and sales will plummet


Elon Musk: Tesla boss mocks US regulator days after settlement