Tesla - Pimping Elon's Ride?


It’s a different standard to Tesla and current EU EV standard I think; but it’s just been approved in Germany


Ah, but what if people turned kettles on at the same time too? What then? :smiley:


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There appears to be lots of it.

The last one is terrific; I spent some years working in Delhi, then as now horribly polluted, and my lungs have never been the same.


What a day everyone gets a cuppa tea and a slice of toast before work! I’m looking forward to it.


The half time kettle effect is well documented.
wordpress.mrreid.org/2010/06/23/ … uantified/


Power usage for full ev is estimated to be 10 to 15per cent. We are aiming for full ev around 2050 ffs. Hardly even an issue. Data centers must use as much already




Tesla Battery pack fire, or how not to reuse Tesla Batteries.


I knew about the 18650 and 2170 battery formats stuffed inside the Tesla. But actually seeing them all lined up like cartridges on an ammo belt makes me think surely this can’t be the future of battery technology! Must be a manufacturing and recycling nightmare.


I have been through this exact thought process.
Lookup the recycling process of batteries. Lead acids are the easiest. Lithium’s have all sorts of inferno horror stories. (After that…You start thinking…is this it?..the future of transport?..hmmmm)


Tesla only used 18650 cells at the start because that was the cheapest way to build battery packs, I assume they thought long and hard about the issue before they build the Giga factory

I suspect module in the video above had no BMS, its just a salvaged or recycled section of a crashed Model S/3, hackers love cheap cells from crashed cars but they need to be careful


Yep! no protection circuitry and the packs were physically abused before the incident as well.
Just a very clear lesson in how not to treat the batteries.
The previous video shows the car being hammered!


At the end of the video he says that the battery cooling circuit was disconnected and the battery management controller was also disconnected.

But yes, a cautionary tale that these batterie packs are not toys.


Friend dropped his portable phone charger (effectively a battery).
When it hit the ground it exploded. We were both really surprised how easy it went up in flames.


Possible good news for some piesters:

theguardian.com/technology/ … e-of-death


Indeed, that’s New Zealand.


I bet jmc would help fund a scheme like the one below for Musk



Yeah but everyone plugging in their EV to charge overnight is not the same as everyone plugging in the kettle during half time. Not everyone in the Country is going to buy an EV tomorrow and start charging them when coronation street has an ad break. The load related to EV’s will gradually increase as ownership increases which will mean that the baseload from 5pm onwards will have to be increased gradually too.


We have the infrastructure to cope with the HTKE, we need the infrastructure to cope with EV’s and HTKE at the same time. Yes, we don’t need it tomorrow but we do need it and this is not being factored in IMO


If it can do 400/500kms you won’t be charging every day.

Some EVs already have it, but eventually all EVs will have smart timers on the chargers, you plug it in when you get home, but configure the charge start at 3/4am, meaning you have a full charge and a warm battery when you leave the house at 7/8am.