Tesla - Pimping Elon's Ride?


Yeah but everyone plugging in their EV to charge overnight is not the same as everyone plugging in the kettle during half time. Not everyone in the Country is going to buy an EV tomorrow and start charging them when coronation street has an ad break. The load related to EV’s will gradually increase as ownership increases which will mean that the baseload from 5pm onwards will have to be increased gradually too.


We have the infrastructure to cope with the HTKE, we need the infrastructure to cope with EV’s and HTKE at the same time. Yes, we don’t need it tomorrow but we do need it and this is not being factored in IMO


If it can do 400/500kms you won’t be charging every day.

Some EVs already have it, but eventually all EVs will have smart timers on the chargers, you plug it in when you get home, but configure the charge start at 3/4am, meaning you have a full charge and a warm battery when you leave the house at 7/8am.


I think it’s more likely that we’ll see smart chargers talking to smart meters talking to a smart grid so that the load is shared between all EVs.



Another contender enters the ring



European Car of the year nominations
No Tesla but the is an EV nominated
The Jaguar i Pace

thisismoney.co.uk/money/car … -2019.html



The CHP had to do a traffic break to stop the car. Luckily that part of 101 is pretty empty at 3.30 am

Given the history of automotive safety regulation in the US Autopilot will be eventually banned. I expect class action lawsuits for the deaths it has caused to follow in the decade afterwards. If there is still a company to pay out (very unlikely) probably a healthy 9 figure settlement.

Other news. The gossip out of LA is that Musk is still stoned out of his brain most of the time. But as the company is spending very serious amounts of money on “media management” fewer negative stories recently. Although that may change soon. In a big way.

Because it seems once a zef always a zef. Think a SA bogan and you would be on the right track.


Model 3 not eligible but it’s going to hit Europe in a big way in the 2nd half of 2019.


It will be a big success in Europe but they will also have some competition this time, the new Kona from Hyundai is an excellent EV, anyone buying a Model 3 should take a good look at it, not as good looking as the Model 3 but it might win on price


The one with the decent engine and range will be about 39k, I’d imagine. The equivalent performance petrol turbo is 32k.

I’d guess you’d be saving about 10c/km plus 600/year on motor tax.

So the breakeven point for my high use case (30k km/year) would be less than 2 years. It’d have completely paid for itself in fuel savings after about 10 years, which is about how long I’d keep a new car.

I’d almost get one if I had any faith in the range figures (EPA highway range is 360km at 78kph average, but I’d guess it’ll be much worse at higher speeds). I have to be able to do 300km at ~80mph (Irish motorway speeds) in a day without recharging, and for that I don’t think the Kona would come close.

Any of the Model 3s except the SR* models would though…


Used Teslas are starting to appear on the Irish market.


50k for a Tesla Model S 85, 2014 with 100k on the clock.

How much was that new?


Would you buy a used car from this man? Let alone a new one.


The interview is just a big a train-wreck as the rumors kicking around LA just after shooting implied.

Like all good con men Musk has complete and total contempt for everyone who falls for his con. But it seems he is planning to go out in a blaze of glory, just before the Feds arrived with the handcuffs…



I watched the 15 minute interview. It wasn’t that bad. I though he seems like a normal person under a bit of stress.

The main parts were a series of close up reaction shots as the friendly and mild mannered journalist lady flips it and starts asking him a series of tough questions.


Some people just don’t get electric vehicles. :laughing:

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Check it out! Elon Musk, back in 1999.


A conman that created PayPal, SpaceX, Tesla and now The Boring Company.
He might be a bit ‘out there’ but I guess that’s why he does what he does.


Demon Underneath
John DeLorean and the Invention of the Future




I think that is more to do with the fact that several major manufacturers have produced EV models that are viable alternatives to ICE vehicles, sufficient range and features are the main selling points, plus the fear that ICE vehicles could be punitively taxed in the not too distant future as well as banned from some cities.

Meaning their depreciation will be much higher.


Tesla shares drop on disappointing quarterly performance