Tesla - Pimping Elon's Ride?


The numbers used in that study are pure BS, they are putting their thumb on the scales in a really obvious way

eg they assume that an EV battery will only last for 150K KM, we know this is wrong, the batteries in the gen 1 Leaf will last far longer than that, there are Teslas still going strong with close to half a million miles on the clock, and that’s in the Model S/X the cells in the Model 3 are known to be better

Plenty of people will believe it of course, there are still people who claim EVs need new batteries every 3 to 5 years

I just took a look at carzone.ie and there is a cheap Nissan Leaf with just under 200,000 KM on the clock, according to study above the car needs to be scrapped but I would bet its good for and another 100K KM no problem


They do seem to be taking liberties alright. Their CO2 estimates for battery production come from a Swedish paper – Romare & Dahllöf (2017): The Lifecycle Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Lithium-Ion Batteries. But that paper gives GHG numbers in kg CO2 per kWh of battery capacity, leaving it up to the authors of the German paper to pick a lifetime mileage to spread it across.

The operating numbers are then disimproved further by the amount of lignite burned in German electricity production, following their curtailment of 170 TWh per year due to shutdown of nukes.

It seems reasonable to say that the GHG implications of electric cars are far from negligible, but not as bad as this German paper is suggesting.


Yes your urban environments are cleaner and thats a good thing, but lets not loose sight of why we want to convert to electric - green house gasses.

For me it’s 95% of why we want an alternative to ICE. Ignoring sunk carbon costs from manufacture and disposal - charging EV’s from the grid where a high %age of base load and standby load means releasing sequestered carbon is not sustainable, maybe Musks next car will amphibious to cope with rising sea levels?


Germans caught fiddling the numbers again, #BUYDIESEL


Model 3 goes on sale in UK next week with deliveries starting in H2.



Regardless of Tesla’s own internal woes, I think this is the real killer for them – the world’s biggest carmaker with all of its mass production and mass market expertise is about to roll out models with equal or better range and charging performance …

It’s likely to be a lower price too, possibly in the high €20k’s after subsidies even in Ireland. I know which one I’d expect higher quality / better warranty from.


Share price today has not been this low since end of '16



Tesla has completed its ~$240M all-stock acquisition of Maxwell Technologies! This could have huge implications for the company’s battery technology roadmap. Maxwell’s Dry Battery Electrodes offer a cheaper, more efficient and more sustainable way to produce lithium-ion cells. This means cheaper EVs, with more range! According to my research, this will put Tesla EVEN FURTHER ahead in battery technology, compared to legacy OEMs.


“Code Red” at Tesla as Carmaggedon Sinks Tesla Bonds, Carmaker May Need Another $1-2 Billion Before Year End

The terrible Q1 results appear to have spooked a lot of investors


Carnage in their share price continuing, touching $190 now


Perhaps we (apart from the poor sorry shareholders, of course :cold_sweat:) shouldn’t worry too much if Tesla has fulfilled its role as the forlorn hope of electric vehicles. I’ve often wondered if that was its real value all along, even if Elon Musk, in his mad dreams, had other ideas.

You all know the idea of First Mover Disadvantage. You make all the mistakes from which other people learn. :wink:


Who knows. It probably had a better potential than many to make it. Other Chancers like uber are still alive…


How a Low Share Price Would be Fatal for Tesla, and why Musk has to pump it up, come hell or high water.

Tesla shares are down 50% from last December and are back where they’d first been in September 2013. Bonds dropped to a new low on Friday, reflecting what the market thinks the probability is that Tesla will default, and what bondholders will get if it does. This poses a unique existential problem for Tesla.


They have the roof on his Chinese shed and have started the recruitment process.

Can the Chinese Model 3 come fast enough to save Tesla?

I expect something like a “Model 3s”.
More efficient design for manufacturing and lower build cost.
Less features, less options, a lower sale price, and less range.