Tesla - Pimping Elon's Ride?


Sandy Munro was back on Autoline talking Tesla, not much new information and he does ramble on

But basically he thinks Tesla will make big money producing cars in China because they won’t have the same problems again, he seems to think they have learned their lessons on the Model 3

Also after the Model 3 teardown two of his engineers bought Model 3s


$5bn investment according to Musk. Bought the site for $140m.

Going to produce “affordable versions of 3/Y for greater China. All Model S/X & higher cost versions of Model 3/Y will still be built in US for WW market, incl China.” On the other hand the S and X will be less affordable from next Monday and the smallest battery option will no longer be an option.

It’ll be interesting to see the design changes he makes to the Model 3 to simplify and lower costs.
Also interesting to see if they make their way out of China back to the US.

I don’t expect them to make a Model Y for 3+ years.


The beginning of the end?

Tesla to lay off thousands of employees due to ‘very difficult’ road ahead
“Our products are too expensive for most people,” Elon Musk said.
thejournal.ie/tesla-staff-c … 6-Jan2019/


Don’t think so, he did the same at SpaceX, its just cost cutting


Cost cutting that Musk told his employees, just seven months ago, would never happen again. When laying off 9% of the work force in June, he wrote to employees: “I also want to emphasize that we are making this hard decision now so that we never have to do this again.” That didn’t last very long.


It sucks for the workers. But if they need to cut costs…


Becoming more obvious that the Model X was a distraction, the fancy doors were a folly.

The lead over mainstream rivals has almost vanished.

Volumes begets cost savings begets volume.

Not dead yet but their rivals will be smelling blood


They’ve pretty much admitted that they cannot manufacture a car for $35k, yet.
Also admitted making less margin while selling more cars in Q4.

Employee layoffs.
Lower models of S and X are no longer available.
Raising kwh prices across all their superchargers.
Referral schemes are all gone too.

Desperate times.


Desperate? No. But more realistic.


Model X with over 350K miles, only 13% battery degradation, the cells in the Model 3 should preform better


Volkswagen’s plan to kill off Tesla ft.com/content/a2b8cf3a-1e1 … fc3ad87c65 via @financialtimes


The “skateboard” format should be a success and could also provide the basis for a couple of industry standards for the future EV designs, it ticks so many boxes that ensure success.
For example, the low centre of gravity helps stability, it allows for a raised seating position that many motorists prefer, etc


I’d still buy a battery from him:

businessinsider.com.au/tesl … gs-2018-10


It frees up a lot of space for storage too, and its very easy to ad extra motors for four wheel drive

I have no idea if Rivian will be around in five or ten years, they may never even produce their truck/SUV, but if Ford and GM don’t have a similar truck on the way then they really are fools


Wohoo, Revenue is up, uh-oh another CFO has resigned :angry:


Tesla batteries busted!


To be honest there might be plenty wrong with tesla but batteries isnt one of them


That was a terrible video and not worth watching.

TLDW: It takes time to charge a battery, its faster to put liquid fuel in your car. That’s why Tesla batteries suck!


Also batteries are heavy and fuel+tanks are lighter. But he neglected to mention the car engines are very heavy and electric motors are much lighter.


I flip flop between Musk being a Genius (The first time I saw the video of his spaceX rocket landing vertically I was awe struck, I shared it with everyone who would let me) a charlatan (hyperloop/car sled/monorail thing) or a mentaller (The Thai cave incident).
However, that video basically says that batteries have crap power to weight ratio compared to an ICE. He never proves that Tesla batteries are nonsense compared to other batteries though.