Tesla - Pimping Elon's Ride?


Adding unnecessary complexity to any system is great for building a greater dependency on “service organisations”, after all the economy is dependent on people buying life limited products and for the service personnel to provide support to keep them operational while yo are paying for all this.
No such thing as making something that’s simple and has as few parts as possible to go wrong while being durable at the same time.

No, the economy demands that we move materials from the quarry to the landfill as fast as possible while extracting as much revenue from the owners as possible during its short operational life.




IMHO, it looks like a DeLorean crossed with a Halo Warthog.


Who the f designed it? Some Minecraft fan?


It looks very strange.TBH, I can’t see any hicks/hillbillies buying a truck like that.

It looks heavy. What happens when it gets stuck in the mud. Where do you mount the winch?


The lads at Rivian must be laughing their heads off and praying Tesla produce it, but I doubt they will, the lack of pre orders will tell them all they need to know, about half the fan boys to the event thought the whole thing was a joke


Afaik, the one people (hillbillies/hicks in the US (the primary target market for these pickups) have been watching has been the Bollinger B1.

IMHO, the Tesla launch seems to have been a gimmick. That window break was to get newspaper inches. (who doesn’t test their windows before a showcase event like that…)

*hillbillies/hick = I mean that in the + sense of the term. People who don’t live in cities and actually use their vehicles not only for just transport but also for routine work tasks.

[If however, the solid state battery pans out…all bets are off]


The Bollinger costs $125K I can’t see it being too popular with the Hillbillies, maybe Jed Clampett would buy one


200k pre orders so far.

Using Musk’s early order figures (I know, I know)
17% single motor 34k @ $40k = $1,360,000,000
42% dual 84k @ $50k = $4,200,000,000
41% tri 82k @ $70k = $5,740,000,000

That’s $11.3 billion in pre orders.

Although the deposit required is only $100.


I will assume that maybe half of those orders will be real, but even that is crazy, there are at least 100K people willing to drive that monstrosity, it makes the Hummer look refined

The specs are interesting, to get a 500 mile range in a vehicle of that size and weight would need a 200kWh battery, and Tesla can sell this for $70K


Where does the dog sit in that? That really does not have a hope in hell of selling in middle America. All he needed to do was build an electric F150 (which Ford will probably do) - in any case a truck doesn’t need a 500 mile range except when the kids take their gear to college.


Ford made an electric pickup ages ago. (1997–2002)

IMHO, the interesting thing about it was its Siemens AC induction motor.