Tesla - Pimping Elon's Ride?


Elon Musk: Tesla raises cost of ‘self-driving’ cars,

Looks like he wants to maximise the profits from the self driving hardware & software now. Will be interesting if this turns people off paying the extra.

Tesla is raising the price of its “self-driving” option on its electric vehicles worldwide starting with a $1,000 (£820) hike.
Founder Elon Musk tweeted that the price “will continue to rise” as its technology improves.
But the entrepreneur said the technology it’s adding will be worth more than $100,000.
Mr Musk has been in a battle with officials in California over the restarting of Tesla’s US car assembly.
Tesla’s “full self-driving” (FSD) option is called Autopilot, although it isn’t fully autonomous. Autopilot has a number of features including automatic lane changes, parallel parking and a summon feature, which automatically parks and retrieves the car. Its upcoming features include automatic traffic light and stop sign control.
The self-driving option will cost $8,000 when the price rise kicks in on 1 July.


From this article and others it seems …

“Battery day” presentation knocked back a month or two.
Battery will last a million miles. That’s longer than the car will I’d imagine.
All cars will operate as a grid back up solution so both the car owner and Tesla will earn.
Old car batteries can be re-purposed for your house.
No more cobalt in batteries, so cheaper.
New battery manufacturing process, so cheaper.
Cars as cheap as ICE cars, will be made in China.


If this is a scam it’s a durable one:


Well its more of a business than boeing or uber and they are still around. Stockmarket valuations have long ceased to reflect reality.


The rumors in LA is that its basically a money laundering operation by this stage for Musks South of the Border friends and business associates. That 50k of the “sales” last quarter may have been, let us say, an accounting operation. No one else was selling cars and the new market is flooded with unwanted fleet vehicles. Luxury car sales were down 40% to 70% and most of Teslas sales in the US are in the second or third or even fourth household car luxury market.

And as the greens and environmentalist regs have as a side effect destroyed the local electric utility (PG&E) and long duration rolling blackouts will be a permanent feature of all fires seasons from now on everyone who owns an EV will need a back up gas powered car to get around when the grid is down for days at a time. Like it was last summer. And when the next big earthquake hits, EV owners will be walking everywhere for weeks to months given how fragile the local grid is. Again, due to environmentalist regs.

It would be really funny if the rest of us did not have to suffer their stupidity. And pay for it too.


How does this work on the other side, does Musk tell them in advance that his sales numbers will look good so they buy some Tesla stock and turn a profit,or is it something else, that doesn’t look like an efficient way to launder money, I can think of better ways

Tesla sell don’t sell their cars like Ford/GM ect, they don’t have a large number of cars sitting at dealers waiting for buyers, the 50K of sales would be better described as deliveries, it could be that their numbers drop in the next quarter


The Polestar 2 (Volvo’s performance arm) looks like the first car giving Tesla 3 a run for its money.

I’ve been underwhelmed by the 3’s looks in the flesh, kinda wimpy or odd or something.


I think there is more than enough space for several “Tesla Killers” in the market without Tesla losing sales.
After all, they’re selling them as fast they can make them.


For sure. It’s the first one that’s made me think “I would buy that” (if I bought new cars!)


Irish car sales are down 30% year on year to the end of July.

Pure Electric share of the market is still only 3.6% up from 2.6% a year ago.

Diesel continues a fairly slow decline losing a couple percentage points to hybrid electric for the most part.

In Ireland Tesla sales are up 700% from 60 to 477 cars. Market share of 0.6%

Sourced from Beep Beep.ie


GM just bought 11% of Nikola for $2 billion, GM will build the Badger pickup truck using GM batteries and GM fuel cells, Nokia will then put their badge on the truck, an amazing deal and shares in GM and Nikola went up


At last some one has dug deeper and revealed the lies behind Nikola

Based on this Trevor Milton should be in prison for fraud, how the top people at GM didn’t see it is amazing


Tesla Battery day event has just happened
major announcements on battery technology, watch the internet explode with commentators with their opinions on the announcement.
He will be building vehicles that uses the battery as part of the structure for starters and the cells will be structural as well as casting whole subframes as single units. good luck in fixing one after a crash!


It shows you the quality of person that is reaching the top in some of these companies. It’s sometimes hard to tell whether it’s incompetence or fraudulence that gets them there.


No major breaktroughs announced.
Just a series of moves to bring costs down.


Lots of small improvements, do in fact make a huge difference when all combined together.
The next major breakthrough will be when the dry coating process is perfected as it will make a real difference in production costs and speed.


The stock market didn’t want to hear of evolution it wanted revolution!!

TBH, what he is doing is revolutionary, but it won’t be seen for a few years. The Fanboys and stock pumpers were expecting fireworks, they got a chemistry lesson.



Sell high buy low, what’s the betting there will be a surge in the price over the next few weeks.