Tesla - Pimping Elon's Ride?


I don’t think thats a good idea, to Russia/China or anyone who tracks a launch like that it looks similar to a ICBM, how could they tell the difference ? they would have to assume the worst, then what ?


Yea, I agree. It’s bad. The recent hypersonic arms race is a worrying development.

I am skeptical that 80,000 kg @ 12,070 kmph is possible.


The most incredible part of it is that they’re going to shrink the Earth to have a semi-circumference of 7,500 miles. 'Cos at the moment, 7500 mph would only cover 65% of the surface in an hour.


The plans call for a rocket that can carry 80 metric tons of cargo into space and land anywhere in the world in about an hour.

There could be multiple launch locations. That would make the claim valid.

The circumference of the earth = 40,075 km

They are claiming they want to move 80,000kg 12070.08km in 60 minutes.

Putting my cynical hat on, I think perhaps Mr. Musk is looking for government funding for other purposes.


The plans call for a rocket that can carry 80 metric tons of cargo into space and land anywhere in the world in about an hour.

Only in a trivial sense. If you can put a launch location anywhere you like then you could walk to your destination in zero hours.

Wouldn’t you have to travel half the circumference (~20,000 km or ~12,500 miles) in an hour? A range of 7,500 miles only covers 65% of the surface.


For 1 launch site that’s true.
You have to read these types of PR releases with your marketing glasses on.


Maybe he’s planning on sending the missiles in a straight line, rather than a great circle and after all, space is space. Hey, what’s the difference between a vacuum through the mantle and a vacuum above the atmosphere. One void is much like another. :rofl:
After all, he does own the company. :wink:


My guess is the article has it all wrong, and the actual speed is way more than 7,500 mph. In fact, that must be the case assuming this is a rocket and not an aeroplane. On a ballistic trajectory covering a significant fraction of the earth’s surface you have to be doing near orbital speed or you’ll just fall down. That’s nearer 17,500 mph.

You also have to allow for decelerating at the end of the journey. So in their example of Aghanistan they just calculated an average speed based on the travel time. Covering the rest of the planet would only take marginally longer. It’s like how the scheduled flight time to Brussels is only marginally longer than the flight to London, even though it’s two thirds further. The additional distance is all covered at cruise speed as the acceleration / deceleration time is already allowed for.