Tesla - Pimping Elon's Ride?


Assuming Tesla survive, IMO most people would buy the new Roadster, the Supercharger network is a big advantage

Toyota don’t have any pure EVs yet


Mirrors, no you would use rear view cameras and dash screens.
It probably is (a piss take), but it is there to signify that others are interested in getting into the BEV game.
Anyway that thing looks as aerodynamic as a brick!


Elon Musk will no longer take Tesla private

(Note: BBC picked a very uncomplimentary photo there; making Mr. Musk look like some type of flip floppy whiner.)


No real surprise. SEC will be poking around for a long time I assume so it is not the end of it. Tesla appears to be maintaining 5,000 per week but they should clearly stay in the permium and luxury rather than mass market to survive.



Well given that this is a current story in locals press…


… not too surprised Musk is so desperate to distract attention.

I like the tweet from the San Jose Fire Dept saying that this is the second time a Tesla in autopilot mode has slammed into a fire truck in recent months. This latest case might have been a DUI but the accident happened late at night on a pretty dark part of 101 south of SJ, before you get near to Morgan Hill, and local fire trucks when stopped on freeways at night are lit up like the spaceship from Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Very bright strobe lights as well as the other flashing lights, beacons. You can see them from very far away. One mile plus on dark freeways. Plus there are always flares on the road in the lane affected. Cars running into fire trucks on freeways / expressways are usually very rare accidents but it seems Teslas in autopilot mode run into firetrucks with some regularity.

One other interesting observation is that I have yet to see a Model 3 in the wild. Lots of Tesla “Panameras” and a few SUV’s but not a single Model 3. They must all be in the field in Fremont. Undeliverable due to manufacturing defects. But there again not much of a market for a shoddily built $50k dollar Honda Civic, which sells for less than $25K.


Confirms my suspicion that general acceptance of autonomous driving is light years away. HTF do you run into a stationary target on 101 which – despite jmc’s opinion of my closeted existence – I am pretty familiar with :smiley: though more so with Cupertino / Saratoga / Los Gatos, having done a ton of work for Apple in the former and had my own US HQ in the latter. If Tesla can’t handle the roads round there I won’t expect to see them on my local boreen anytime soon, if ever.


Just a small (minor) point of fact. Those places you mention are on 280, 85 and 17. 101 is the one a few miles to the north. On the Bay side until it loops around SJ and heads south. If you have driven 101 to the south of San Jose toward Gilroy and points south, like LA, the latest accident happened just as you leave the built up outskirts of SJ, south of the 85 interchange. It used to be two lanes for decades and they added a third lane about a decade ago. Due to the terrain even at night you would have to be asleep to not see a firetruck by the side of the freeway for at least a mile or more away. During the day it is even easier. When it was only two lanes lots of accidents on this stretch of 101 so it was not uncommon to come across an accident scene with firetrucks in attendance. Usually at night.

As for autonomous driving there are lots of cars from GM’s fiasco investment Cruise on the streets at the moment. Not doing too well. I saw one last week slam on the brakes on 16’th St between Mission and Valancia, coming to a complete halt in the middle of the street, because it could not deal with a MUNI bus lane straddling by the width of a tire because, well thats what buses have to do on those narrow downtown streets when delivery trucks are parked in front of businesses. Luckily there was nothing behind the Cruise car or else it would have been rear ended it stopped so suddenly. Human drivers on the other hand never seem to have the slightest problem dealing with this daily fact of life of driving in SF. Trolley buses will drift slightly into your lane on a regular basis as they negotiate their way around the city streets in the right hand lane. So you just move a little bit closer to the lane divider. A foot or so is usually enough room for the bus driver. Although sometimes you have to fall back to give them more room. You learn to watch about half a block ahead for likely problems.

Try programming that driving behavior into any kind of coherent rule set. Not going to happen.

How did you like Los Gatos? It and Los Altos are the only two places in the South Bay I ever considered moving to. Los Gatos is the nicer of the two. There is fuck all in Saratoga and even less in Cupertino. But the old main street areas of both Sunnyvale and Mountain View are actually quiet nice. Palo Alto on the other hand is the smuggest most insufferable place in the universe.

Spend much time “Over the Hill” in Santa Cruz? Has had its ups and downs over the decades but still a very nice little town. If you like to drive I suggest trying the “From the Summit to the Flats - without touching the brake pedal” challenge on 17. You must do the speed limit, which is mostly 50, and drive purely with the gas pedal. Was able to do it only once in all the times I drove 17. In very light traffic. Its very difficult to do given all the hairpins and grade curves on 17.

Again, thats something an autonomous car could never do.


I have a new model Nissan Leaf - I don’t use their version of autopilot but the car does have radar / emergency braking switched on which is designed to avoid imminent collisions. At this stage, I’m considering switching it off as 2 - 3 times a week the car slams on the brakes when it really doesn’t need to.



Seriously what is he smoking? Why pick this target? Just because the guy said a massive rigid metal tube couldnt fit around underwater turns that divers had to remove their air tanks and contort their bodies to get around?


According to himself it’s large amounts of Crack


So Lin Wood is bringing the case. This is going to be fun. Wood has a history of handling small guy being picked on by the big guys (usually media) cases and winning. He fights very very dirty. Which given just how much dirt is out there on Musk and his associates this has the makings of a real shitfest. The choice of venue will be interesting. If I were Musks legal team I would hope it is not in LA.

As for Musks behavior. Its not so much that he is a coke head, which he is, its that it is the standard modus operandi for fraudsters and conmen. A quick review of the criminal trials, bios, of other conmen in the past will show exactly the same behavior pattern for the straight up criminal psychopath.

What are the odds that Musk either “ODs” soon or otherwise “steps aside” temporarily for “health reasons” and goes to one of the celebrity rehab resorts were management agencies usually park valuable talent when their behavour gets too erratic and self destructive until the media attention dies down.

Either way, big bag of popcorn time. Until the inevitable end. Now for the real Hollywood ending I’d suggest that Musk takes a SpaceX launch vehicle into low orbit that mysteriously burns up on reentry. That should give a satisfying story arc ending for the inevitable highly sanitized biopic.

Those of you who know LA will know that this suggestion is only half in jest. Its that kind of place.


I’m guessing to draw attention away from:
‘I think I had auto-pilot on’: Tesla crashes into San Jose fire truck on Highway 101
mercurynews.com/2018/08/25/ … ghway-101/


He thinks he had it on, more like he just doesn’t want to admit the crash was his fault, nothing new in that

How is the rest of the car, mush better than the old one ?


Except that on this part of 101 when traffic is light, like the early am’s, is exactly the sort of place you stick on cruise control. There is a long stretch between south of Gilroy, around San Juan Batista, and just as you get to the 85 interchange where I’d pretty much always have cruise control on the whole time.

Tesla drivers are not the smartest folks, so its almost a certainty he had autopilot on.


I wouldn’t say ‘much’ better in that many of the strengths of the new one are the same as the old one, just somewhat better. Extra range makes a big difference, and added power is noticeable. Much better looking, but that wouldn’t be hard!


regarding the artificial intelligence, even Uber are putting efforts behind bikes instead of cars. The predicted outcomes when algorithmic infallibility meets “expect the unexpected”.


I think it also goes to show that autonomous vehicles will never be completely autonomous, all road vehicles would need to have a “beacon” of some kind to avoid this type of incident in the future along with active road sensors to provide additional feedback to autonomous vehicles.

Smart technology works best when it is used in conjunction with sufficient sensors to avoid silly mistakes that are caused by relying too much on just one vehicle’s sensors!

Just imagine landing a commercial aeroplane at an airport that has no runway lights, equipment and no ATC etc.


What an odd thing to say. Anything to back it up? You’d imagine with the price of the cars Tesla ownership would select for successful people who would generally posses above average intelligence compared to all car drivers.


Smarter people are more likely to buy EVs due to the fact that they are clean running on the roads, the source of the electricity is another issue.
There is nothing to stop lottery winners, heirs to fortunes etc from buying Teslas, but the dumber ones tend to buy high spec sports cars that they don’t know how to drive properly.