TG4 documentary:Dublin City Council,Carlton Site

Has anyone seen this documentary? Worth a look. Some of you will be aware of this story as it was featured in Village magazine some years ago, and I seem to remember some discussion about it here but I could be mistaken. However there is a lot in the documentary I was unaware of, but none of it surprises me.

What does it say about the Carlton site?

Ah Homeboy, can you not just watch it yourself? :smiley:

Basically after years of dereliction a tax designation was given that would turn out to be worth millions. One group bought some of the site led by an architect Paul Clinton. Eventually other developers became interested (Treasury amongst them) as the value of the tax designation became more significant. Then DCC got involved and threatened a CPO if the site wasn’t developed within 3 years, then appeared to sell on the site afterwards to Joe O’Reilly of the Chartered group after the original group had been delayed in the courts for years. Except this time O’Reilly was given 10 years to develop after which if it wasn’t developed DCC would buy it back at full market rate and not CPO rate.
Councillors were kept out of the loop on decisions etc. etc.
Apart from all iof that there was the designation of some of the site as a national monument (1916 and all that) but even that appeared to be ignored in the plans submiited by Chartered.

It’s worth a look.TG4 can do documentaries better than our main state broadcaster.

Thanks Ivor Lot. Will check it out.

Sounds very like more GUBU unfortunately.

This is on TG4 Now dear Jesus we are such a corrupt country

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I have often thought that they can get away with more because not as many people watch them. Some excellent documentaries on TG4 IMO. … ng-centre/