"Thank the brave Brian Lenihan when we exit the bailout next



Did anyone else read this drivel? Victoria of course fails to mention that her husband was Lenihan’s cabinet colleague and current Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan. Funny that.

she ends the piece with this.


It’s just the fast track canonisation of Saint Lendahand.


It’s an awful shame someone of such wisdom and insight was never in a position of influence to change things for the better. Or even if she had known someone in such a position, we could be living in a very different world.

Instead she married some sort of failed bicycle salesman.

Patricia Ryan isn’t the only one who rues every fucking minute that fucking halfwit spent in his department.


What a stupid bitch.

She has no idea what she’s prattling on about.

These fucking people make me extremely angry. Suggesting that, even with hindsight, there weren’t better options than the shit show we were led down.


You misunderstand coc. The writer of the piece,Victoria White; is Eamon Ryan’s wife. Patricia Ryan was married to Lenihan. I think she’s a judge, circuit court maybe.
Or just reading you there again maybe you don’t misunderstand at all. Anyway, I jut wanted to clarify as it’s confusing that Lenihan’s wife is also a Ryan.


Thanks Ivor. Yes, I see that my post might look like I’m confusing my Whites and my Ryans. To be clear then, Victoria and Eamon are disgusting parasites, who are inexplicably given platform after platform to retrospectively justify the treacherous conduct of the most incompetent and reckless government Ireland has endured since Diarmuid Mac Murchadha invited the neighbours over to bail him out.

Lenihan will be rightly vilified by generations to come as should this parasite and her poor simpleton of a husband.


Saw Eammo on Primetime the other night about the Eirgrid Pylons and he was all over the place. Eirgrid claim to need to build the pylons to strengthen the networks to carry the power from Eammos precious wind farms. But the good people along the routes are saying no way
Eammon caught between a irish politicians natural instinct to please and worried that some of the audience might say Pylons ugly Windfarms uglier came up with a unique solution. Since one of the issues raised was drop in house values because you were too close to the pylons Eammos solution was…Eirgrid (meaning the taxpayer) buys all these houses at “Market value” A sort of NAMA LIGHT (gettit :-GC )


yeah, I know I certainly place a lot of blame on lenihan.

But, only recently when watching Yes Minister, I was reminded of how incompetent Ministers could be,
and really when you think about it, if something went wrong at the Ministry for Administrative Affairs,
you knew that Sir Humphrey would know a hell more about it than Jim Hacker.

So, the screw-up at the Department of Finance, do I blame Lenihan or Kevin Cardiff?
I’m inclined to blame Kevin Cardiff more, Lenihan a solicitor to me, seemed to be way out of his depth in a Financial brief.
A bit like an economist in a legal brief such as the Department of justice and Law Reform

Lenihan went to McWilliams for advice - someone outside the Department of Finance,
he got PWC I think it was, to look over Anglo’s accounts before committing himself to guaranteeing their liabilities,
he got rid of Patrick Neary and put someone from outside the Department of Finance in the Irish Central Bank,
the fact that apparently, according to the media, he flew to central Europe on his own for help rather than with the support from the Department of Finance officials (Am I looking at another situation like Mick Collins going to bargain with the UK - a boy to do a man’s job - i really believe that slimy wanker Ahern would have got better terms.)
Lenihan was blameable but maybe not totally blameable.
The truth is I don’t know, maybe none of the above actions amount to anything.

For me though, no-one is more blameable than Patrick Neary,
although its a close contest between himself and Brian Cowen,
a gobshite that was still negotiating a national pay deal with pay rises at the same time that the country was collapsing.

The thing is, did Brian Lenihan not negotiate this so-called 5-year budgetary plan with Europe,
one which, on getting into power, the opposition did not rip and start again,
but actually chose to follow it - and then claim credit when they left the bailout.

Roc, if we had a organization like the FDIC in the US, where banks could be closed one day, and money transferred to other banks by the next working day, I would feel more confident in condeming Lenihan.
This is a country where our civil servants couldn’t set up Suzie to dispense college maintenance grants efficiently,
do I want them transferring funds from one closed bank to another strong bank - if we had a strong bank.
I would have to have experienced the situation in Cyprus first-hand,
where families were left with no access to funds for a few days before i can really judge the rights and wrongs.

I think the incompetence is ingrained in our government for the past 20 years,
just look at the Minister responsible for FAS spending 1 billion a year at a time of full employment and never thinking something was wrong!
I could go on and on, citing instances of stupidity in our governments.

For me, this whole crisis began the day the Irish Government abolished the household property tax in the 1990s - so lets hope history remembers that person and the devastation they have caused to the property market ever since.


Muppet - one good thing that South Dublin County Council did was to build necessary roads alongside/underneath electricity pylons that no-one wanted to live near.
These two maps, one of which Google needs to update, but if you look closely you can see how close the new road runs to the pylons.
From memory, I think Fingal County Council did this alongside the M1.
Surely when building the motorways from the midlands, ESB networks or Eirgrid could have forseen this issue and built the pylons beside the new Motorways.
Ronanstown - Adamstown

Belgard -Citywest


You forget what teh FDIC was borne out of - it took under 100 days to come up with the legislation for the FDR government. Our government had the advantage of having legislation in various parts of the rest of the world (including the EU) to copy. Instead of spending three months coming up with the guarantee, they could have spent three months coming up with bank resolution legislation.


So what happened about 20 years ago? It was decided to restructure the civil service and we introduced the Strategic Management Initiative (SMI) and the Top Level Appointment Committee (TLAC). TLAC handles all of the appointments of Secretaries General and essentially handled control of these appointments to politicians as Cabinet approves all of the appointments. So what was the result of these developments, we have had the greatest period of policy failure in the history of the State.


Yippee, the sheeple love it… rte.ie/news/2013/1123/488675 … overnment/

Boo, nasty economist types… rte.ie/news/business/2013/11 … et-report/



Lenehan spoke at Haughey’s funeral. Haughey stole from the fund set up to pay for Lenehan senior’s life saving operation.

That says volumes about the man, his priorities and his loyalties.


finfacts.ie/irishfinancenews … 6759.shtml

O’Reilly is seldom mentioned was more to blame, Neary was also delinquent , not that he shouldn’t be locked up as well.


Property tax has never stopped any property bubble, however the optimisation of the tax code did play it’s part in extending the bubble, the bubble in Ireland ran about 15 years. Prior to that within living memory we had the farmland bubble that burst in 1979. There were a combination of factors that fed the bubble here, the key driver was the introduction of the Euro, that drove the fall in interest rates and the unleashing of a massive credit binge. The f&ckwits in the department of finance and it’s subsidiary the central bank did NOT advance any argument against it’s introduction in Europe. The damage was done and the rot was already there long before a clueless time server like Patrick Neary got the foremans job. Neary got handed the reigns in 2006 when Liam O’Reilly got out and went to sit on the boards of the banks he once “regulated”, at that stage Neary was just a passenger in the ensuing debacle. Neary would have acted in the full knowledge of the DoF to allow the Irish banks cross funding.

Governor O’Connell’s Central Bank defence - -> independent.ie/irish-news/go … 88707.html
02 April 1998

O’Connell stays at Central Bank - Shane Ross -> independent.ie/business/ocon … 46858.html
28 January 2001

Politicians failed to grasp financial risk during boom, says ex-mandarin - Tom Lyons -> independent.ie/business/iris … 85918.html

Bailout mandarin gets €725k top-up - DANIEL McCONNELL -> independent.ie/irish-news/ba … 66184.html

Lendahand was the patsy appointed as minister for finance in May 2008. He was well out of his depth and faced with a crisis being guided by the same mandarins in the DoF who had presided over the policy that led to this for many decades. At the height of the crisis the mandarins likely clammed up when the likelihood of their exposure over the cover up seemed inevitable and he was left alone to seek answers, which was probably why he went looking for David McWilliams opinion.


An Foras Forbatha? Scientists, Engineers and experts in the general world of land usage, good planning and infrastructure. Can’t have that!


the thing I could never get over was despite having been diagnosed with terminal cancer rather than spend the time with is family he choose to run for public office for FF knowing he would only serve a few monthes. that true sociopath behavior if I ever saw it.


I would not classify it as the behaviour of a sociopath. More likely he stood in the shadow of his fathers legacy within FF and the deal was made that his family and reputation would be looked after. In reality the old hands in FF knew by late 2007 what the DoF role entailed - the common refrain I heard going into the 2007 election was “this was the one to lose” , how soon they knew about his terminal condition is anyones guess. The calculation was to let him take the fall, he was let continue in the role when his condition became public so that in any future inquiry the answer would be “you’ll have to ask Brian that question, oh, he’s not here…”.


You know when they say “pancreatic” …

But I take your point.


This is a reliably fatal diagnosis. The best they would have given him was a % of his 2 year and 5 yrs survival.

He knew for a long time, basically since diagnosis that his chances of surviving the next few years were almost non existent.

Than man either was delusional or said f*€K it I cant face the prospect of spending more time with my family.