'Thank you, Anglo, for being there for business'

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Fucking cretin

Actually they havent lost everything,not yet anyway,but dont worry Simple Simon,by the time this is over neither they nor you will have a pot to piss in.

This donkey deserves the most deluded fuckwit award for 1997-2010,is this the same guy who apparently was miffed that his loans werent big enough to be included in the first tranche of toxicity to be sent over to NAMA?

There is a big problem in Ireland that warps the perception of a proportion of what passes for the business and political “classes”, which is also lapped up and regurgitated by lazy and polularist journalists.

It’s called short-term-ism. The result is that those affected by the condition can’t see the massive difference between sustainable and viable investment that creates long term growth and jobs versus the spin associated with slash and burn bubble speculation of the fast buck merchants.

Ireland is unfortunately “blessed” with far too many fast buck merchants and their puppets, the gombeen politicians.

There sad reality is, that there is nothing more sophisticated than organ grinders and their pet dancing monkey running the place.

As for the lazy popularist journalists … they usually end up writing critical articles about internet posts and bemoan the work of unpaid “amateurs”.

Blue Horseshoe

Ah, so foreign investment came to Ireland because of our great office buildings!

Indeed, the deluded fool seems to think that his ilk had a major part to play in the attraction of FDI. It is little wonder that he has so many failed businesses under his belt.

‘I have to start this week…’

This deluded prick seems to think he’s doing a version of Alastair Cooke instead of presenting Noirin Hegarty with a weekly school essay which she may or not mark and presumably pays him for.
The Delevan episode clearly devoured whatever credibility she had as an editor -but is this woman gone completely off her trolley or is there some other bizarre as yet unexplained reason for this weekly splash of diarrhoea on the pages of the Tribune ?

Would Mr Callanan care to offer a view ?

Chernobyl generated some wonderful electricity too in its early years.

Before it blew up poisoning the land for 200 years and killing thousands, caused by dangerous negligence and ignorance of its operators.

But hey, lets not question the entire program because of a single failure.

Better yet let’s not even question whether the problems were avoidable. Either you’re for job creation with the **inevitable **corruption and implosion of the banks (with the bankers making off with millions) or you’re against it.

Articles like this should be one of three things
1/ Put down the shitter where they belong followed by swift dismissal of the offending clown
2/ Balanced by an article on the same page dismissing this type of shite for what it is
3/ Have a written warning below them like a cigarette packet stating " this article may not only damage your pocked but also your mind and your sanity trying to work out who would employ a gobshite nowadays when there are so many talented people on the dole partly as a result of the stupidity of people like him".

My father who is 85 years of age and has retired from business for over 15 years now, received a letter from BOI, asking him to call into the bank and discuss his business plans and and what his requirements are for funding his business going into the future. :open_mouth:

Ah get outa here, pretending to be lending to small business. 8-

I like Anglo’s loans so much, I’ve written a song about it. I am having trouble with a couple of lines, I’m not sure they rhyme or scan…

I’m nothing special
In fact I’m a bit of a bank
My loans are a joke
My assets a load of wank

But I’ve got management
Wonderful things
Politicians listen
When they start to sing

They’re so grateful and proud
All they want is to keep it all quiet

So I say thank you for the political donation wink-wink
The envelopes I’m palming
Thanks for all the loans your giving
Who could live without them
I ask in all honesty

What would life be
Without a slice of mezzanine debt in a pyramid property scheme, what are we?

So I say thank you for the loans,
For giving them to us.

We’ve been so lucky
We’re just humble tax-pay-ers
We want to sing it out to everybody
Fuck Anglo, fuck the banks, fuck chancers

So we say
Thank you for the loans
For giving them to us…


What a class A prick.

Point 2 is the key, if these VIs are going to be invited to submit articles then a contracdicting opinion should be invited on the same page, many newspapers do this, to simply give this dunce a free statement each week is ridiculous. I have no idea what the editor is thinking.

Opinion columnists are paid to infuriate and exaggerate and sell newspapers.

Simon Kelly whilst probably ignored largely by the general public is certainly doing his job on the 'pin! :stuck_out_tongue:

Agreed. Simon Kelly is going out of his way to be controversial. he’s not really worth commenting on. Whether he believes what he writes or nor is immaterial. I suspect he does, but this kind of delusion is common enough. Unfortunately here I am commenting on it,thus contradicting myself! :blush:

In today’s Tribune, Simon Kelly reckons the savers must be made to pay! The German savers that is. Defaults and restructuring for everyone in the audience.

Jesus, I find his writing so awkward and annoying to read. It’s like it’s being dictated to a child. AAAGGHH! :angry: I would provide a link but I’m just too angry!

Thus spake Zarusthra.