Thanks Pinsters

Hi all;

We just got broadband connected in our new house (gulp!) and I thought I’d take a few minutes to say thanks to the people who helped get us here safely…

When I came across this site in 2007 we were living in Oz and considering moving back to Ireland with our kids. At the time we were dispairing about house prices at home and something told me that the price hikes of the past 10 years could not go on indefinitely. A quick google search led me to this site where I spent about a week hoovering up the opinions, information and data from this site whilst I came to a conclusion as to what was about to happen to the Irish property market. It was an eye-opening experience and made me look at things very differently.

When we moved back in 2008 we had a strategy and spent the past 5 years renting whilst watching the predictions of many of the early contributors to this site unfold. We have just made the big move and are now the owners of a house we love and can afford and that fits our sizeable family. I know that many on this forum will think we’re crazy for buying at this time and I know that more falls will come once the repossesions begin in earnest but after 5 years of renting we were ready to invest in a long-term home once the right property came up. It took us a year of looking to find the right house at the right price.

Thanks to the forum owners and early contributors like 2-Pack, TUG and OW (and of course 2Gaffs :smiley: ) for taking the time to point me and others like me in the right direction. Without your advice our family could well have ended up in a much smaller house than we now have and being trapped in negative equity and saddled with big debt for years.

This is my first post on the 'Pin for a while and will probably be my last so best of luck to ye all and keep up the good work. Thanks again. Ciaran.

Congrats, nice to hear that the pin was so useful.

As to whether it was the right time to buy… if in the right place then yes, elsewhere well chances are you are still right as to the fact that the falls are slowing down so the savings made by waiting would be swallowed up in extra rent.

8DD Congratulations 8DD

All donations to the pin’s liquid fund are gratefully received.

Banjo, congratulations to you and your family. I hope you will be very happy in your own home.

Bravo Banjo, the ‘right time’ for investing and the ‘right time’ for home buying are two different scenarios. It sounds like you figured that out yourself.

Congrats Man.

Good Stuff Banjo - and Good Luck.
Do not leave this your last post - news and views always welcome here!
You might have useful insights into renovations from now on!

Well done, hope you have many happy years ahead in your new home

Best of luck in the new pad may you and yours enjoy it

Congrats BD :slight_smile: