That's how you should show your house in the internet

Found this whiles looking around:
Price seems to be quite normal for this area - anyway, the seller invested some time doing a dedicated website for it:

You have to admire that he/she really tries to present it!
And if the price goes below 500K I would actually put an offer in.

Wow, looks good. They must be web designers, good thinking though.

The price will not go below 500k. This is a quality property with a lot going for it.

I’ve seen websites for handy men who’ll work for €25 an hour – why not set one up for a gaff worth €800k?

Agreed they’ve done a fantastic job presenting the house, but ultimately I look at the size of the bedrooms, & I say to myself, why would I pay 800k for a house with only 2 good size bedrooms ?

And a pretty small kitchen.

I’ve posted before that people would really have to up their game in terms of online presentation (just having photos for some is a start!) and this is an example worthy of mention.

As for the merits of price value, BER and a host of other question only time will tell.

“Because you’re worth it…”

hold on til I yawn…

the madness of absolutes within the property market is still firmly embedded. the VIs have done their job well.

500k isn’t likely but it certainly is possible. with the decapitation powers of private debt combined with poor employment looming i just cant see how ireland inc can strafe to safety. All economic absolutes for ireland should be dispensed with caution.

With interest rates looking like increasing in the next month or so the price of oil going through the roof and therefore effecting the price of (more or less) all goods and cost of food set to increase (as if we are not ripped off enough already) then this house may get closer to a sale price of €500k than the seller would like.

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Seriously, great effort, that is how to sell a house, dunno much about the price I’m not familiar with the area, but EAs take note, if I was shortlisting, this is the type of presentation that would get a viewing from me.


I’m looking at the Daft ad and the devoted website and I can tell just as easily from both of them that I wouldn’t be willing to spend anywhere near 800K.

My overwhelming feeling when I look at a site like that is:

Yes we need a step up from the places asking a million that have no photos, just external photos or photo’s of the Luas. But once you go beyond a good solid Daft Ad with lots of photos then you’re into dimishing returns.


I notice that there is also a poll asking

Possibly somebody wrote this site as a loss-leader. Possibly the owner is a web-jockey and is looking for commissions. But it definitely looks like they’re trying to drum up web-business as well as make a house-sale. Its interesting - could be an indicator of the way things are going to be in the future.

Nice house alright. Not sure I’d put in an offer though.

The website is very well designed, though the floor plans look like they were drawn up on the back of a napkin in Graingers, they stick out as looking very half-arsed.

It won’t work and the concept won’t take off.

It is all about information networks. Presentation is all well and good, but what exactly do you need to do to sell succesfully at the highest possibly price? In order:

  • Tell as many people as possible that your house is for sale.
  • Get as high a proportion of these people as possible to come and look.
    This sale fails at the first hurdle. How many hits will they get compared to a listing on Daft or Myhome. I can’t even think how NewIrish managed to track this down in the first place.

This was the classic mistake of the DotCom bubble. The economics of information pushes the market to a small number of big winners (e.g. Google, Amazon etc.). The rest will just burn their capital.

Sorry, but this is complete and utter bollocks !
The above quote from Ozzy is precisely the kind of drivel you get from people who are NOT genuine buyers.
Anyone who thinks a fancy website sells a house doesnt know their arse from their elbow when it comes to selling houses.

The only thing that sells a property is the price.
Any serious buyer doesnt give a toss about a website or the front of the Irish Times property supplement etc.
The main advertiser of any house is, and always has been, the ‘For Sale’ sign.

Any genuine buyer who views this house will immediately drive around the area and inspect all similar properties for sale. They will then buy the one that represents the best value to them.

If this house advertised isnt the best value it will not sell (yes, even during the boom times).

It really is that simple !

I have to agree with Mr. Anderson, as a genuine buyer, I have a couple of areas in mind a couple of house types and a specific budget. When I believe such a house has dropped into reach of my budget I will go and look at it. I won’t be living in a website.

Your fascintation with male genitalia is really pretty irrelevant, as is your condescending bullshit. You have no idea about my buying position, but I have sold 2 properties in the last few years, and going the extra mile has secured me buyers faster than neighbours on both occasions, for higher prices. Read my earlier response for the rest I can’t be arsed typing it again.

Nice site and a well presented house.

The site calls you to contact Myriam and the the domain is registered to one Miriam O’Flynn.

I wonder if this is said Ms. O’Flynn … flynn.html

Still, well done. In a falling market it’s every vendor for themselves and if it is a genuine attempt to sell the property then they have made themselves very visible.

Spending no more than a couple of hundred Euro to host and pull together a 6 page website with photo gallery certainly isn’t going to break the bank and would be significantly less than EA fees. That said, you’d need to be good at your online site promotion (SEO for the tech’s).

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