The 181 economic indicator


Haven’t seen any 181 cars yet think it’s kind of odd anybody else think our economy is not a robust as we are lead to believe


Are you living on an offshore island? :slight_smile: thread


No, an ivory tower

I haven’t seen any yet normally I’d have seen a few by now


I was thinking the same then I realised that the people who buy new cars are probably off skiiing


Some of the wealthiest people I know do not buy brand new cars.
I know many other people without a pot to piss in who change frequently.

As an economic indicator all it tells me is there is car finance available.


It is actually the very finest indicator of economic under/over-heating for Ireland.

Cars are VERY expensive in Ireland. When people get windfalls they buy new cars, in effect to pre-pay the tax. When incomes drop people squeeze more years out of the same car and put off purchases.

I am mesmerised that David McWilliams has never noticed this.


Perhaps just the range of high end better spec second hand imports from the UK are having a dampening effect on new lux 181s. I’d imagine this trend will only increase as the UK economy slows and fewer Brits are able to afford their bling.


Or conservative Paddy is dazzled in the fullbeam headlights. The daysul, his staple 'till now is roundly condemed lately as the fuel of beelzebub. While it’s a bit early to say how the new fangled exotica like the CHR or, God forbid, a Leaf will fare in a few years.


A sharp depreciation in sterling hits new car sales a lot and imports from the UK rise.

This was pronounced in 2009 and 2017 but after a while the effect wears off.


I saw my first on Friday.


I saw 3 in a row today, and a few more on a way back. Surely there are more 181 then I have seen 171 same dates last year.


As well as uk imports, the current uncertainty over diesel cars could have some holding off on buying.


Finally saw one on Friday, 181 D 48xx so about 5k sold by the 12th.