The €700m Anglo bond due on Nov. 2nd

I was speaking to DMcW about this and asked is there anything anyone can do to stop these being paid and he simply said “No”.

The buck stops with Noonan.

This may be utterly fruitless but it may be useful to remind people where the money is disappearing to one month before Budget 2012.

Details on the bonds here.

Images for Posters, postcards here,
and here, change last 2 digits in url for the number of days left until handover. … eeds11.jpg

Sign the petition here.

Some petition comments.

Funny, the Michael D Higgins banner ad appears on every page.

Truthfully the only way to stop this is to renounce money or renounce the State, they are essentially one in the same.

When you have not got what they want how can it be taken from you.

i think we should pay 701million to show how pathetic we are as a nation. the IMF/FG alliance rules!. You voted for it so u eat it!

No need to go overboard.
Pay the €700m and include a jumbo jar of vaseline.

€700m and a copy of “PS, I Love You”

Not to split hairs but the figure seems to be €700,623,555.

Thats a lot of vaseline.

SInn Fein’s plan is to talk about this and nothing else for the coming fortnight.

This payment is being made by Anglo which is no longer insolvent following its receipt of promissory notes. Anglo cannot avoid making the payment as they would be sued for it otherwise.

The promissory notes are for 31bn and, as Seamus Coffey points out, we can add on another 54bn for rolled up interest over 20 years at 5.5%

So while 700m is a lot it’s only just begun. And there is no alternative other than selective default. How feasible is a selective default where Ireland says ‘you know what? we could pay this but we don’t want to and can everyone pretend it never happened and continue to trade with us and lend us money’?

It’s not going to happen, is it? The only way to default is when you’re broke and we’re not because the IMF and the ECB are keeping us alive.

If we could somehow force an apology out of that weasel Bertie, then we could clear all our debts because that would be priceless. Right?

Alive in the sense of those human battery packs in the matrix. Most of us are still living in a dream world.

They’ve made their choice

2 excellent posts as always from namawinelake. Fair and balanced. … rt-1-of-2/ … rt-2-of-2/

Least we forgot Labour role in the alliance.

Go to and there is a ready made email and autosend to all TDs potesting against this bond.
(I know the FT reported it as paid yesterday but still).
Over 100,000 emails sent today already.

You can ad you personal message at the bottom.

Finian McGrath auto reply. Contains a small error but at least he agrees.

Tom Hayes - Fine Gael

Some how I feel our hands are tied by Lenihan’s “cheapest bailout in the world so far”…

My somewhat rushed reply to Tom. (It’s not a good day for me.)

pay the bloody bond!! be the thick paddy!!

Obviously Head Office of Fine Gael are very worried by this if they are sending briefing notes to backbenchers on why it should be paid.

The Gay Mitchell and bye election vote must be scaring FG big time and they’re trying to stop any issues causing it to snowball.

But snowball it might with the bond payment date falling due on the same week that Noonan announces the planned cut backs.

Interesting times.

why cant the gov do a goldman sachs and bet on an irish default? makes perfect sense to me 8DD