The 8th Amendment thread -- who said what


I dropped out at some point and reappeared a couple of weeks before the vote. I dropped out because it was clearly going nowhere, took a breather and reappeared because I felt that a lot of what was being said was just wrong and that it shouldn’t be left unchallenged so soon before the vote.

Mantissa, thanks. Very interesting.

( @ps If you could quit trolling me now, that would be great. Thanks.)


Big thanks to you for all your comprehensive contributions


indeed i should have bowed out i cant believe i posted that much, but some posters moved me from not really s caring that much but leaning to no, to definitely no.

but you are right, there was a lot of shite posted, unfortunately i took the bait :blush:

also not sure where the charge of misogyny comes from, maybe disagreeing with a female poster makes one a misogynist ?


Got to say though JMC delivered. I always come away from those posts thinking I’ve just been in a Tom Clancy novel.


it wasnt but we all leave hints :mrgreen:


Those @jmc & @ps200306 posts;

was like vidal vs. buckley :slight_smile:

very interesting reading their different & contrasting perspectives.


I like to think of myself as the Una Mullally of the thread, although that may be overselling my rhetorical and intellectual abilities. :smiley:


Interesting data Mantissa, thanks for taking the time to collate it.


I’ve decided to model myself on the, erm, lady in the DID Electric ad…


Ok, I’ll play. I modeled myself on Millie Tant from the Viz.


No doubt about that



The charges of Misogyny come from my post on the 8th thread that caused much pant-shitting for Croquette et al and resulted in them appropriating the arguement in the mix of blind panic and existential dread that now envelopes them. ‘Victory’ is theirs and theyre welcome to it.
Watch this go mainstream! (but remember where and how it was actually presented)


I forgot to reply, but that poem was a gem. a lot of truth in it especially the observation of the same manias that irish people get caught up in


Fintan needs to be more concerned about the disturbing reaction that the yes side were displaying in dublin castle on saturday. Trouble in paradise, that the leaders arent getting the kudos that they think should be coming to them. gobhoradiaorainn


So you’ve been dissected and suctioned recently, have you? Doesn’t get more difficult than that.


What tools did you use to extract, process and present this data? Thanks


Good setup. I wonder would it be possible to extract the themes of the discussion with word/phrase frequency analysis?


I’d probably use a Java library like JSoup to parse the HTML, just because Java is my most familiar environment. But recently I’ve been doing a lot of stuff in Python which – in spite of not being the prettiest – seems to be a favourite among the scientific community. It benefits from a very broad array of numerical and scientifically-oriented libraries, and can do things like word frequency analysis very compactly.


I literally have no idea what the last 3 posters said.

And I mean Literally in the old sense of the word, not the informal sense.


Now TI, I am not buying for a second that this is the first time you’ve struggled to understand a post on the Pin :wink: