The $9 Billion Witness:Meet JPMorgan Chase's Worst Nightmare

Light touch regulation, I suppose is the best description, … s-20141106

Maybe change the title to give a hint of the content?

Not totally on topic, but does she have an Irish connection? This may be her grandfather:

See … mann-1988/

She’s one of our own!

Thanks for posting that, Calina.

I would suggest changing the title of the thread to that of the relevant article, namely “The $9 Billion Witness: Meet JPMorgan Chase’s Worst Nightmare”

What a brave and inspiring woman ! And I think that’s her grandfather too,spudnick (a remarkable man in his own right).

Okay, title changed.

A couple of things struck me as interesting about this, some regards the content of the article itself, and some around the article.

It’s interesting to see Taibbi is back with Rolling Stone so quickly - inclined to wonder if he was getting ready to run that story at the start up gig he was at for a while.

Regards the contents of the article, in one respect, I think we need to be aware that regulatory issues are not unique to Ireland. The fines don’t seem to be anywhere in the zone of actually hurting over there at the moment.

Here’s the quote “inside” story of Matt Taibbi’s departure from First Look Media.

Although the piece is clearly favors Taibbi over his corporate bosses, because it comes so quickly, and from the organization he just left, I can’t help thinking it has a certain self-serving element, to kill any other speculation. … ook-media/

Fair play to her. Working for certain investment banks is much like working for the divil.

Matt Taibbi and Alayne Fleischmann on Democracy now - 10 minute segment here:

Longer 40 minute version here: … eblower_on