The Acorns, 45 Castlepark Road, Dalkey - then and now

1999: “45 Castlepark Road, Dalkey, sold €445k £350k].” … 10602.html
Equivalent of c. €625k today according to

Now asking €1,195,000 … in/1912356
240 m² / 2583 ft²
€462/sq ft

Sale agreed within 4 days. Must have paid top dollar. … in/1912356

A scenario i have come across more than once is that a house can be hawked around off-market for a while before being put on the market. I wonder if they get an offer they are not quite happy with do they then put it on the market to panic bidders into paying more.

I have no knowledge of this specific case. 4 days sounds very quick though. It would take that long for the deposit cheque to clear.

I’ve often come across that scenario. That’s what I suspect happened here. Not a bad tactic for coaxing an interested bidder into making a final increase in their offer, for fear that someone else is willing to pay more than them when the house goes to the open market. Had it done to me twice, but I knew my walkaway point and stuck to it.

Back on the market, still asking 1.195m … in/2191524

The sale fell through apparently, so back on the market. First came for sale last year, obviously no takers at that price. Not a bad house, though a good walk to the shops in Sandycove, reckon it’s worth about €800k.

Sold for 1.07m … and-67527/