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AIB recovered a bit to 42c

good times


Pile in - great value (sic)



Is the combined shitpile of Anglo, AIB & BOI (complete with the sundry financials) enough to destabilise the euro to breaking point? Could our nasties be the weak link in the currency. We are talking about what is probably a €100bn hole at the moment, is this too much to be absorbed without damage not by Ireland but by the eurozone?

The fear has returned this week with a vengence :cry:


Statement by AIB chief executive … king56.htm


And by the way “Im outta here with mine” na na na na na.


reads like a letter from someone being marched to a firing squad


AIB down 30% again - something going on ? The bank appears to be melting


It could make the setting-up and administration of any sort of mortgage arbitration process a lot simpler though. Which may be no bad thing. That could become very important once we’re past the immediate crisis.


a) the 30d trailing vol of the ise financial is only very slightly higehr than the FTSE all bank index last few months
b) higher vol = expectations of higher return…


AIB trading at 47c.


As somebody who is truggling to keep up with all of the shenanigans of the last few weeks, and that i have ZERO experience of finance/economic issues.

Would anybody like to give what they thing is a very brief state of the nation summary as to where we now stand, with Anglo being nationalised

I really would appreciate it (from this layman)

The overall scheme of things seems to be we are properly fucked, but how i’m not quite sure,
Or, is this site being hysterically overdramatic and we are no more fucked than everyone else?

I’d much appreciate some basic analysis.



Market smells desperation.


Would selling Bank Zachodni be bad? Article states (unfortunately in Polish), they may get 1.5-2 bln Euro and according to ‘Parkiet’ there may be buyers - big insurer PZU and Getin Bank. Should they sell before Poland implodes?

Link: … edaz_.html

#355 … 71364.html


Poland may be the only country left standing after the implosion , who knows 8)




and a +1 here too.



Amateur impression on where we’re at coming up :wink:

One big concern is what we are not being told - the government say they had no choice but to nationalise Anglo but they won’t say why. The are also saying that BOI and AIB are sound but the markets seem to disagree. There is a real disconnect between what independant economic observers and the market are saying and what we hear from government.

We have a potential failure in the core of our banking system (AIB and BOI) which would lead to their nationalisation. This would impact Ireland’s credit rating and result in a struggle to borrow which means we’d struggle to cover our liabilities. These liabilities would be huge when you include the day to day running costs and the likely massive debt defaults in the now nationalised banks. Essentially the country could go bankrupt. If we reach that point who knows what would happen.


Yeah, let’s place our faith in the independent economic observers and markets that got us into this mess. :unamused:


Assuming we do default on our debt what happens then?

Do the dole giros stop, do PS salaries not get paid?