The Anglo Tapes

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Have a listen to these.


Perhaps Paul Williams will explain why this tape hasn’t been made public until now. 5 years later.

Brian Lenihan was such a complete f*cking idiot.


So who recorded that and why is it coming to light now?


They are internal recordings. As to who leaked them, why now and whether there are other tapes, I dearly hope we find out. Weird that Paul-Gangland-Williams broke this one. Maybe a crime writer is more appropriate than a business or political reporter?


Whoever sat on this for nearly 5 years is a traitor


Ho hum , so what ? ’ Let the taxpayer carry the can’ is hardly a ground breaking insight into how Ireland works.


This is only a window into the culture prevailing in Anglo and right across finance-establishment-government-Irish society at large. We’ve always known it was there (if you lived and worked in Ireland during the boom).

Just saw the above post on another thread. Really important point (on social permission aspect). Making the point - wasn’t there also a kind of social permission given for behaving like this during the “boom”? Masters of the universe type go getter risk taker financial engineering whizz types? Btw cause/effect is inconsequential and irrelevant. It is frustrating that all analysis on this will be about cause/effect (as usual). However, it misses the whole essence of the situation/problem.


It’s a small window into the fraud perpetuated by anglo and the ff government. Image what we might know now if the police went into anglo in 2008 and seized everything. Yet these scum bags swan around the place while Ireland slowly sinks into the shit.


Remember the Gardai announced on the media that they were going to conduct a search of Anglo I think they announced it the Friday before the Monday that they did it.

What is important about these recordings is that they say that the bailout is unaffordable. They mention that the cost is “too high” they if the govt know the cost they might have a choice.


Are these online anywhere but the Indo website?

Talking to anyone I knew in the IFSC around 2008 the whole place knew Anglo was screwed. They all knew for years what was going on. The only people who didn’t seem to know (or knew and didn’t care) were the CBI & The Government


Judging from mocking on the tapes, Regulator “Top Dog” Neary, appears to have been held in as high esteem by the banking establishment as I imagined.

Fascinating insight, I think it would have been good if we had held the kind of banking inquiry that would bring more of this stuff to light.


Well Chris Andrews knew nothing anyway:


So where have these two ended up, other Banks, NAMA, Big Pensions?


This can be spun positively for FF.

Acted in good faith, lied to by the banks etc.


Well actually that was always their excuse and imo these tapes blow that excuse out of the water.


I heard on news talk this morning that the recording is from Anglos telephone system. If true the next question is what else is there?

Lets face it, people who had a knowledge knew that the figure was going to be way higher, Morgan Kelly and plenty of people around here had a fair idea.

Now who in the CBI will draw a parallel between this mislead, and the residential arrears mislead that is currently going on.

The great George Bush once said “fool me once, shame on - shame on you. Fool me - you can’t get fooled again”


Please elaborate.


Since it seems to be internal tapes and cos of the journo involved, I’d guess the tapes came from a garda source.


You must move in a slightly different circle to me. Of all those I know in the Irish Banking, Stockbroking and Pensions community (adds up 100s of people), I can count those who accurately predicted what what going on in Anglo on the fingers of one hand.


RTE says (at the bottom of this article) that IBRC sent a solicitors letter, via McCann Fitzgerald, requesting that the tapes not be aired by the public broadcaster as they were confidential.

Where are these two chaps now? Bowe appears to have left IBRC last year and is now a consultant ‘working with a number of accountancy practices in relation to client engagements in the leisure and healthcare sector’.

Fitzgerald left IBRC in February and is now interim-CEO at Addiction Counsellors of Ireland.

Safe to say both have enjoyed a soft landing.