The Anglo Tapes


I doubt he’s pitched a tent. Cottages look like 130 - 200 per night.
He’ll be looking to pay ‘Paddy prices’ so add an extra 50% on top of that.


Makes you wonder what “friend” or neighbour or even relative gave the Herald the nod on where he was holidaying! (I’ve stayed in “four star” campsites in France - they’re grand but nothing special - can’t imagine an extra star being up to much apart from slightly better accomodation, food or entertainment.)


All together now to the tune of Abbas Fernando

Did you hear Dave Drumm in Anglo ?
I remember long ago another Crazy night like this
In the shredders light in Anglo
You were humming to yourself and trying to ring through to Lar
I could hear the laugh of Drummer
Whilst unanswered calls from Neary were coming from afar

Things were crazy then in Anglo
Every hour every minute seemed to last eternally
We were so afraid for Anglo
We were young and full of life and not prepared to let her die
And I’m not ashamed to say
The MAPLE 10 agreement almost made me cry

There was something in the air each night
Our eyes were bright,In Anglo
They were shining with expectancy for you and me
From Ecstasy In Anglo
Though we never thought that we could lose
There’s no regret
If we had to do the same again
We would, my friend, for Anglo

Now we’re old and grey in Anglo
Sean Fitz plays his golf and calls to Cops shops now and then
Dave Drumm is far from Anglo
But I still recall the fateful night we crossed that Rubicon
I can see it in your eyes
How proud we were to screw our people at the mere stroke of a pen

There was something in the air each night
Our eyes were bright,In Anglo
Nearys was our little poodle dog
We lived high on the Hog In Anglo
Though we never thought that we could lose
There’s no regret
If we had to do the same again
We would, my friend, in Anglo


Buaila Bos, Stu!


No I don’t accept that.
That is not a laughing matter.
So I don’t accept it.


We are where we are.

#287 … 6-Jun2013/
Michael Noonan on the Anglo Tapes: ‘We could have done without them’

Clearly the thinking at the highest levels is that its better to sweep all under the rug.
Push legislation through in the middle of the night while making a mockery of democracy. You all know I`m not fan of SF but this guy makes an important point:


Irish Times reporting that the Indo has ‘limited’ its coverage of the Anglo tapesfollowing contact from the DPP.

And as far as I can see, there are two new tapes published today labelled Clip 10 and Clip 12a. Maybe we’ll get 12b tomorrow but where is Clip 11? There is a reference in the report saying two prominent women in financial circles are the subject of an ill-tempered tirade but we don’t know who or why. It would not be shocking if sexist language were used by these chaps but it is of interest to know what was said about whom.

Nothing else revelatory in the latest tapes. The government was advised to close Anglo down but wanted to let them battle on. Were they still somewhat in the dark about the full extent of the hole in Anglo or were they just in denial? Merrill had (as we already knew) been paid a large sum to advise on options and, according to Drumm, was leaning towards closing Anglo down, but the government was intent on ignoring this.

Funnily enough, even Drumm wanted to burn the bondholders for several billion but, again, the determination of the government to make all the wrong moves was insurmountable.


Michael Noonan is a serious part of the problem.


I’m sorry, what?

Even by Irish standards this is fucking outrageous.


I agree, this is more outrageous than the other tapes. We now have first hand evidence, from Alan Dukes, that the government of the day wilfully ignored all advise on Anglo. It is more evidence of them taking the wrong option at every turn and shows Cowen to be a stubborn, incompetent idiot.


Whatever about rights and wrongs of decisions that were made it is beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Gardai, DPP, Financial Regulator, Central Bank and Department of Finance have been in possession of evidence of criminality on the part of Anglo employees and, perhaps more importantly, civil servants and politicians for nearly five years.

To date relatively minor charges have been brought against three Anglo Employees.

There is no credible excuse for this.

If no charges are going to be brought, the tapes can’t prejudice any trial.


Stubborn or was there something more sinister.


Exactly, our “democracy” is a total and utter failure. The people have been betrayed.
Legitimacy of government is beginning to become an issue.

Basically the people are victims of fraud/theft and a 5 year long coverup that needed alot of complicity at high levels across the board.


I wonder how much does Drumm know about the “great and good” of Irish political and business society who kept large deposit accounts at Anglo.


well the most depressing thing is i dont hear of a massive uproar fromn the great unwashed.

its also incredible to hear how weak and pathetic the regulators were facing with these arrogant fuckwits passing off their disastrous lending onto the taxpayer

fuck all will happen unless merkel, whose job is to keep DB alive, kicks up more of a fuss and sends in some panzewr units to encircle the Dail. With SS stormtroopers in the Dail Kenny will pass a enabling act ceding all government powers to the Reichstag.

and will any of these guys ever face a day in jail? At least i would hope they are nervous showing their ugly faces in public.

Banana Republic rules!!

Actually perhaps what might be the best thing to do is somebody throw 3 or 4 ropes over a few branches in Stephens green with nooses so they are ready to use. That would make the fron pages!!


If Frau Merkel is really acting to keep DB alive, then she is performing the same political sex act on the bankers that FF did…


How are we supposed to react this?

Is it possible that everyone in a position of real influence across Irish society is, in effect, party to this fraud?

The scale of this seems unbelievable even to my cynical eyes


Certainly those in a positions of influence are a party to it. Remember Ansbacher, it went on for decades and involved the major accountants, banks, stock brokers, lawyers and politicians. No doubt the great and good inside the media or among the owners of it(O Reilly paying more tax than P Flynn, I doubt it) were party to this conspiracy to defraud the state. No consequences though. I think those who really wield power in Ireland can be counted in the hundreds and as a class they have practiced stroke politics and economics since the beginning.


There were consequences for Ansbacher and following this there were large trawls and high court challenges (successful) by the revenue to get the offshore account holders info.

This was after two tax amnesties though, so only the idiots held on.

The second amnesty was introduced by Bertie swiftly after the first and totally opposed by the revenue.