The Anglo Tapes


The consequences are only that we know it happened. I dont think any of the players were driven from business or directorships and noone even came close to a day in court. Like the Anglo guys, the elite know that any process involving an Irish investigation will be a joke.


this is the Indos front page tomorrow Interesting that Lenihan is described as "The Good " … 32/photo/1


I can’t argue with much of that except to remark that I have always thought the most effective way of hurting a rich man is to take money from him.

That aside, I think that today’s revelations that FF went against ML’s advice was the most interesting so far. I mean we speculated this was the case viewtopic.php?f=19&t=31725 but didn’t know this.

Much of the rest of the week was an arrogant asshole (still arrogant) being an asshole. This is the death knell of FF. The genie’s out.


How much in Anglo deposits do we now know was transferred to Austria around the same time that they had a ‘liquidity’ problem and were seeking assistance from the taxpayer??

Wasnt it more or less €500 million???

Jesus Christ


Do you have a link re the transfer of deposits?


I think i will get back to my indo hating tomorrow


Ha ha. Because the electorate was happy to forgive them for bankrupting the country and mortgaging it to the IMF for future generations, but now that there’s a tape, now people will be pissed off with them. Get real, they’ll probably win the next election. Such is the fuckedness of the country.


Pin thread here from back in the day courtesy of Evil_G earlier in this thread…




What a great line! I may have to rob that! :laughing:


This is how: … 98851.html

We just need a “Jail the politicians/civil servants/all involved protest”
The protests need to gain momentum and have an aim to totally reform the system.

Yes it is possible and I guarantee you it is the case. This kind of thing has happened before as already mentioned. This reaches across the party divide and across top government departments.

The DPP and senior Garda ranks are appointments by the Cabinet. That should be enough for you.

We need to elect the DPP. Possibly the Garda commissioner too. We should be electing the Taoiseach directly.
We need to be rid of the whip system it mocks democracy. We need more direct democracy. We need to make it so there is no possible way any politician can legally make the general public pay for the debts of their backers or anyone else.

#312 … z2XeXLz4m9


Suddenly there will be a rush for these devices, the official story till now is that it’s all Anglos fault…


No, it was neither ignorance nor denial. This is the point.Cowen was playing golf with Fitzpatrick in the days leading up to the guarantee. That is a fact. What the fuck has Paul Appleby been doing?
This is what is at the root of the bank guarantee and this ultimate treachery. No wool was pulled over anyone’s eyes. this was local Fianna Fail gombeenism on a grand scale. It’s as simple as that. That snake Peter Bacon is part of it as well.
The irony of the Sindo running with this is bizarro world, but we’ll see where this goes.
My guess in nowhere.
Yet we still have people asking advice on where to spend a quarter of a million in in Crumlin and FF are at 30%.
Peasant nation


Drumm is right. It’s important that we find out what is in the tapes from the OTHER banks. In particular AIB.

Anglo and it’s mangament deserves everything they get but they are quite clearly being used as a scapegoat/ ritual sacrifice here. The problem was/ is systemic.


‘I’ll probably punch Lenihan’ – Drumm - Gavin Sheridan and Tom Lyons -> … 83266.html

‘Mad’ leaders – and a lender in total meltdown - Gavin Sheridan and Tom Lyons -> … 83218.html

Listen to the full Anglo recordings - -> … 67462.html

Anglo in mood to party during Ireland’s Black September - Kim Bielenberg -> … 81733.html


+1. Anglo were thrown to the wolves while AIB are a pillar bank, cornerstone of our recover. Or something. How did that happen?


David Drumm: ‘There is a witch hunt … I convince myself that this will pass’ - Niall O’Dowd and Molly Muldoon -> … 33003.html
November 26, 2011


Cornered rat speaks truth I reckon.

The rumours going around at the time related to all the banks that ended up guaranteed. Each different rumour, it turns out, was true - all the banks were up shit creek and it was a matter of who fell in first.


Earlier in this thread there was some discussion on whether the tapes favoured FF by showing they were deceived by the banks. Well, looks like FF support took a hit once the public was reminded of 2008.

Expect the next election to be a negative affair with everyone but FF mentioning Anglo at every opportunity. FF’s only hope is for Brian Lenihan’s Good Ghost to rise again and lead them to reclaim their destiny.