The Anglo Tapes


A good summary of what was at stake around the time of the tapes from Seamus Coffey: … es-to.html


For those interested in the possible impact of the Anglo tapes on the electorate Paddy Power odds are far more instructive than any opinion polls. Money where your mouth is and all that.

Currently PP make FF and FG neck and neck at 10/11 to be the party with the most seats after the next Gen. Election.


Depressing reading, but it does highlight that we were always going to take all the hit for most of the banks, and most of the hit for Anglo and INBS, regardless of the option chosen. We lost a packet bailing out some of the latter two’s bondholders, possibly unnecessarily … but it probably amounts to less than a year of exchequer borrowings every year since. There’s plenty of public indignation about the Anglo tapes … and a total loss of focus on our ongoing profligacy.


We are all missing the point apparently, which is according to Martin Mansergh on Marion Finnucane.NO MONEY WAS GIVEN TO ANGLO until Drumm had resigned. I can only assume he was trying to polish Lenihans halo


Listening to drumm there is a strong echo of Lance Armstrong in his behaviour. A sociopathic man on the make. Like lance there is no concept of what he was doing was wrong. Nothing they did could have happened to without the enablers.


Difficult to listen to. There are plenty of stats and facts available on those in mortgage arrears. But Marian doesn’t need facts or statistics, she has brute ignorance and a sense of righteous indignation.


Another thing that needs to go or be reformed - the RTE tv license fee and their huge salaries. The government pretend to do something about it and really just cast a wider tax net.

Any inquiry into the banking crisis that any in current politics has control of will mirror this.

The smoke and mirrors will continue until the people of Ireland get serious about demanding change


Well put. Not just Marian, “brute ignorance and a sense of righteous indignation” is the basic motive-power behind most Irish politics.

There is a very brutish element to the ruling classes. Very… bovine. Watch calves coming up for feeding some-time. If you squint a bit, and turn your head to the side, you’d think you were at an Ard Fheis.


It’s a shame that the independent is doing such a clumsy job of presenting the tapes. Webpages all over the place. Switching back and forth in time, sometimes re-releasing an earlier tape with some extra content. Sometimes giving quotes in their written articles that aren’t on the released tapes.

I note they’re also putting a copyright notice on the recordings, so that may prevent or worry someone trying to organise them better on soundcloud or somewhere.

I think this following excerpt is a bit damaging to claims that anyone in Anglo could possibly have thought the bank was solvent in Sept 2008, this was March 2008, with Bowe and Drumm more or less admitting anglo had given loans “to every cowboy in town”, or at least that was what they thought BOI believed they’d done. … 83218.html


How the hell can Indo claim copyright? Not like they recorded the bloody things. If there is any copyright they’ve stolen it


Maybe they can claim copyright on their reproduction or edited arrangement of the original recordings - but I’d guess they’d need to make more than a few changes to the output first. Similar to how satirical shows can use copyrighted material without permission and later claim copyright on their final satirical product.


I suspect they can copyright, as a derivative work, but it would be subject to the parent copyright if that exists. Transcript/content however surely not copyrighted, just maybe the audio (with e.g. whatever post-processing they applied to it to clean it up). Like on Gutenberg project, they generally need transcribers to have access to a copy of the work that had been published, c.f. … ion_How-To and that physical copy has to be copyright clearable. Just because Ulysses is out of copyright, doesn’t mean you can make copies of the Penguin edition you bought last year. And if you make a derivative work (e.g. an illustrated Ulysses, or even a novel typesetting of it) that has a new copyright.

It’s not entirely clear whether or not that would hold however, depends what they claim to have added to the base material.

Anyway, as a matter of course they’ll always try to claim copyright and see whether anyone objects. i would hope it wouldn’t put people off, I don’t expect anyone to come chasing… (but IANAL)


Bollox to copywright.

Notice that Mr Williams says he got them in the post ! Yeah dandy. That saves a lot of explaining.

Recordings are property of Anglo/IBRC -anyone other than an officer of the bank of or duly appointed controller of same- in possession of same -particularly the Indo - is in illegal possession of same. Full stop.

F**king Indo would scrape the pennies off the eyes of your dead granny. Watching Mr Williams preparing to get dibs on ‘the book’ Fuck em. You can all write your own Anglo tapes book. Indo owns nothing in respect of same.




Indo have the clips on youtube sans McWilliams.


At the start of this thread I wrote ’ ho hum,so what ’ a week later what has all the outrage produced ? It is no wonder that they don’t give a shit .




If the Germans like, we could just tell them that their investment was stupid and that they’ve lost it?

Suits me like.


But we need them to give us more moolah in the new year :frowning:


Perhaps the Germans could be persuaded to make that money contingent on the aforementioned sack beating and screaming?