The Anglo Tapes


Noonan’s been on the wireless telling the plebs that nobody should be mucking around in the Gardaí’s business. We can assume he’s including the Gardaí themselves in that. It’s less ‘The Third Policeman’ and more ‘Catch 22’.


So, two senior cabinet members in one day telling us to shut up and mind our own business. One wonders what they’re worried about?


Fucking brilliant! Now nobody can ask probing questions because they must be asked “in a public forum” … which can’t happen because it would prejudice upcoming trials … which haven’t happened because nobody bothered their holes collecting evidence … which didn’t happen because nobody asked any probing questions.

It also ignores the fact that the Dáil is a public forum, the questions relate to a state owned bank and a report commissioned by the government, and he’s the fucking Tainiste.


If the Central Bank feels that there is a reasonable suspicion that they were misled in the run up to the guarantee as to the state of the banks’ loan books or their capital requirements then this should be investigated. AFAIK it is an offence to mislead the Central Bank of Ireland.

The fact that it came as a surprise to the Central Bank that Anglo may have misled them suggests that they did not consider whether the banks had acted with bone fides in providing the information upon which a monumental decision was based. That they did not even entertain such a suspicion is very upsetting for citizens who are suffering on foot of the decision while those bankers profit and survive based on that decision.

BTW - surely any further recap of the banks should be contingent on top pensions being reduced to a cap of €70K p.a.?


On what planet is that an acceptable answer?

Planet Paddy


Wait, Mary Loves McDonalds wants to know why Alan Dukes didn’t tell the CB that Anglo had a system of recording phone calls? Did she just ask that?


:laughing: :laughing:


Mary Lou may genuinely be that ignorant or alternatively she may be playing to the demographically not insignificant stupid gallery - Ireland’s answer to the man on the Clapham omnibus, the average Joe Duffy listener if you will.

There are always votes in playing to the prejudices of those who want to believe that anyone that wears a suit to work or dares to, basically, better themselves in life and achieve some success is involved in some nefarious plot against de salt-of-the-earth wurking class.



My 3 year old could have come up with that list. You’ll need to practice the whistling a bit more David, if you want to become a real blower :unamused:


I just was not asked about tapes, says Dukes - Cormac McQuinn and Michael Brennan -> … 99256.html

Looks like the inquiries asked all the “right” questions according to their brief and were given the “right” answers so they could reach the “right” conclusion. Optics only.


Bllxology and f**cking clowns: Drumm’s latest outbursts caught on tape - -> … 4-Jul2013/

We’ve known since the beginning that Drumm and FitzPatrick are to be the sole fall guys for the ENTIRE banking collapse in the country, and they fully deserve to do down for the fraud they did commit. However, given the losses at the other banks that we are on the hook for, remember, AIB is on the second bailout in it’s history, it is an important issue that the their activities not be forgotten or overlooked.

Here is an example of that agenda setting: David Drumm: He failed to sit the Leaving Cert but still made it to top in banking at Anglo.

Now think of that “not one of us” headline in relation to this.

Fitzpatrick didn’t act alone -> … -act-alone
March 22, 2010


Is there any chance that these tapes might force Drumm into confessing to all and perhaps implicating dozens of other big-wigs?
His utterances the past few days certainly seem to indicate that he’s angry with the leaks and how all are out to portray him as the source of all Ireland’s current problems.

Could this be it?


As Yoganmahew said he’s a trapped rat. He was appointed CEO of Anglo in 2005 after spending the previous 8 years in the US, so I doubt he has too much information on the other bankers at most he can only drag the financial regulator in with him. Maybe the intention from the start was to set him up as the fall guy for Sean FitzPatricks underhand dealings? Now if he could get the Anglo books opened up from 1998 showing where the money came from and where it went, then he might have some fighting chance.


JB Yeats in one of his informed rants was sure Fitzpatrick will never do time, that Drumm would be the fall guy. Anyone know what’s happening with JBYeats? He’s been away/quiet for some time.


I think JBYeats has taken up yoga. :nin



Only took 6 years XD


We have Denis O’Brien to thank for this. No way Indo would have published the tapes if he was not in favour and backed them. This is his revenge on the apparatchiks and XXXXwits in the ciivl service and banking.


Two very major and potentially criminal issues have arising in these tapes:
(a) Did Anglo intentionally mislead the Central Bank in relation to the magnitude of what Anglo saw as a liquidity issue?, i.e. did they try to get €7b out of the Central Bank based on false information?
(b) Did Anglo executives and Irish Life & Permanent executives engage in market manipulation by transferring funds into Anglo at year end to boost their deposits?

These are questions that have been hanging out there for more than 5 years.

At this stage there is no transparency as to whether there has been ANY INVESTIGATIONS into whether these crimes were committed or ANY DECISION TO PROSECUTE OR NOT. This is absolutely f*cking scandalous.

My suspicion is that there is not any investigation pending or any DPP decision pending on these issues.

The rationale behind Article 34(1) of the Constitution, if not its specific provision, is being ignored to the detriment of the integrity of the State:
“Justice shall be administered in courts established by law by judges appointed in the manner provided by this Constitution, and, save in such special and limited cases as may be prescribed by law, shall be administered in public.”

Perhaps some in power feel that it is better if we do not investigate matters where those responsible for regulation or oversight may have been on notice of these problems and may have to an extent sanctioned these actions. Maybe, the state feels that it does not want to investigate crimes which may lead to a liability on the part of the state (e.g. if the market was misled were loans by Anglo to people to buy anglo shares illegal and unenforcable?).

However, not enforcing the law is the kind of bad decision making and flawed logic that has got us into this hole. It is never acceptable in any democracy for the state to decide in private not to apply the law. Justice must be done in public.

The problem is throughout our Civil Service and our political system. The Minister for Justice helping the Gardai to attack Mick Wallace while the Gardai were under investigation for not administering justice in public is the most egregious example of this kind of behaviour I have ever seen.

If there is to be a banking inquiry let it be run by the reckless and the idealistic instead of the game playing Govt. I nominate tax dodger Mick Wallace, zealot Peter Matthews and all round good guy Stepehn Donelly to be in charge.