The Anglo Tapes


It is because there is nothing illegal in these tapes, at least the ones released today anyway.


Damn you and your “logic”… :stuck_out_tongue:


All too true Barney, all too true.


That circus is sorta gone over the hill by now, alright!
Next, Please!


Am I the only one in the country in the last day to see the above bolded (edit: bolded, italicised and underlined) word as the most important in that statement. Or maybe I should shut up and start braying?


Which would mean corruption of a nature that turns a blind eye to the economic destruction of the country at the highest levels in many of our most important institutions such as the police, central bank, government etc. If true there is no real democracy in Ireland, its run by the mob and elections are a cover.

Sounds over the top doesn`t it.

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That and the fact that white collar crime is not a crime in Ireland. Maybe we should look look into this breton law stuff. Cant be any worse can it.


Under Brehon law if you do not “satisfy your wife” she can divorce you, now I dont have to worry about this of course but…just saying like 8)


The Drumm clann would have to hand up a lot of cattle -> … -Law-1.php


Under Breton Law you’d do all Stu as the Chief Bard of Cork City. 8DD


The artist Mick Mulcahy was married under Brehon law, off the coast of Waterford - I.e. Out of territorial waters. I recall he explained that if his wife wanted a divorce she could point at his penis three times and say “divorce, divorce, divorce”
One of the 12 or so guests at said wedding was the current guardian of the constitution, Michael D Higgins.


brehon laws never thought of having ‘a nice merlot waiting for me’




Naturally the Garda, DPP and central banks focus will be on finding out who leaked the tapes


Uh. Sean Quinn. Duh. :slight_smile:

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Anglo: the new tapes revealed - Paul Williams -> … 38478.html

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