The anti-Brendan O'Connor

From Roger Bootle. An arrogant so and so, but knows his economics. Unlike comedian-singer-actor-TV presenter-journalists who get to spout on the front pages of Irish broadsheets. … com126.xml

Required reading for all in Ireland.

Amen. What chance the papers over here would print that article?

I think low, as newspaper may not want to print an old article from other newspaper. But I would say chances of seeing similar article are about 99%, just wait until government or media would start to be seriously blamed. I would guess a lot of articles saying that current situation is good would pop everywhere.

Capital Economics have, like David McWilliams, been predicting the housing market collapse in the UK ever since I can remember. Of course, the shallow thinkers will hold that against them and may dismiss their little article.

I was surprised the article didn’t mention the serious damage high house prices do to an economy. Since property underpins everything, then a rise in costs there will lift the price of absolutely everything in an economy. This is why Ireland is currently in such a bad way. It is also why Ireland has so much to gain from a good sharp drop in prices. It means what took 10 Euros to produce will only be cheaper to produce in a year and cheaper still in 2 years and so forth.
Of course the LLs, Flippers and builders are the big loosers. The first two don’t produce anything anyway and the last doesn’t produce anything to export, they simply take money from our young people for self enrichment. Well, here we are now taking it back. :wink:


Barry Egan was also holding the post-Bertie / anti-Biffo line (he caused the property crash donchaknow). The longterm staffers know who pays the bills.

EDIT: Sorry OT

Rental is a service and it contributes a certain amount of fluidity to the labour market - put simply, any healthy economy has to have rental or it has major labour flexibility problems. The issue in Ireland is not landlords, it’s property speculators. We don’t have enough professional landlords in my opinion; but far too many people who think “they are in it for the long term” but who have no clue what they are doing.

An excellent point I’ve heard a popular journalist around these parts make on more than one occasion.

We do love McDoomy :wink:

The only required reading in the Telegraph is Alex :nin

When he’s not busy acting on a role of expert on property this is what he’s up to.

I can’t decide which is worse this or Dustin last week, honestly.

From the article;

The ‘winners’ also includes the government with all the tax it collects.

I propose a moratorium on Brendan O’Connor bashing.

He’s a decent bloke (he even gave me a tip once – I won’t go in to that).

I know I’ve probably been guilty of ridiculing the man’s articles at some stage on the pin. I may have even gone further and I’d like to genuinely apologise to the man.

He’ll pull through the property crash I’m sure.

2 chances ! :slight_smile:

Decent bloke yep

but Brendan is a big boy and well able to look after himself.

He prides himself on being able to see through bull and to tell it like it is.

so should have no problem at people having a good cut at him when what he wrote has turned out to have been completely wrong!

c’est la vie!!!

When he stops writing shite about the property market I’ll stop bashing him. Until then…

Oh, and public apology for what has gone before wouldn’t be out of place either.

Just in case he contributed to ruining anyone’s life with his ‘canny’ advice like.