The apartments that cost less to fund than a car

The apartments that cost less to fund than a car

Not quite sure what to make of this story. Shoeboxes where nobody wants them are worth shag all and cost shag all on a teaser rate mortgage for the first year.

Q explanations how Mullingar is different and these prices will never be seen in the desirable locations :slight_smile:

The Examiner has a slightly different take on it…

At least you’ll look cool smoking 20 a day.

I’ll step up to the plate.

These apartments will not even sell for 10 ciggies a day. They are worthless. They will also have no bearing on the property market as they were never actually part of it in the first place. They are as much a part of the real property market as a cowshed on the side of a mountain.

They leave out one teeny-tiny detail… how many more years will my '“cheaper than a car” apartment need to be funded versus my “more expensive than an apartment car”?

My bat-dubious-logic-detector is buzzing.

and it’s only 1 hour from Dublin if you take the tolled motorway - that’ll probably cost you close to the pack of cigarettes back again!

Yeah, after a couple of years you can sell the car, the 48sqm 1 bed will be in your will.

Pity the poor bugger that inherits it and has to pay CGT based on a NAMA vlauation. :laughing:

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Wait but hang on, statistically 74% of smokers doing a pack a day (say medium tar) will not last the duration of the 30 years mortgage, especially now since having to smoke outside means much more of 'em get pneumonia much sooner, so you’re not comparing like with like - basically anyone smoking a pack or more a day of medium or high tar cigarettes or rollies is far better off renting because on average they’ll be getting stubbed out in roughly 22-25 years.
Don’t wan’t to put a downer on things but smokers shouldn’t get mortgages for thirty years, it’s far better financial sense for 'em to rent for the rest of their lives.


This is an old wives’ tale!
“Cold air itself does nothing to promote or bring on a case of pneumonia. The cause for pneumonia is normally bacteria although fungi, viruses and chemicals can also cause pneumonia.” … _pneumonia

In fact you’re more likely to catch pneumonia (or a cold or flu) indoors in a warm room than outdoors in the cold air.

Mullingar isn’t different.

It’s shite.

But it would take two years of no smoking to get deposit… but seriously 264 per month… it’s cheaper than renting*
*** if your landlord charges 5600 Euro registration fee**

Mullingar had nothing going for it until Joe Dolan copped it.

fgs, at least with a car, you can drive away as far as possible from mullingar…

A cowshed on the side of a mountain has several pluses.
A) It could be used for cows if not too high up the mountain,
b) It would have a better view than anywhere around Mullingar.
c) If there was a heavy fall of snow one could ski.
d) lower chance of Big Tom and Joe Dolan types in the area…

The EA was on the last word earlier pimping these units. They are acting on behalf of the receiver.
On the general market, he reckoned prices were down up to 50%, but didn’t think they had finished falling, they won’t settle at this level, I think was what he said.

Does this make €59,000 for an apartment in Abbeylara sound ambitious?.

I love the “one hour from Dublin City Centre”. Does that mean Maynooth is twenty minutes from Dublin City Centre? And Palmerstown is ten minutes?

At the same time, good to see some kind of realism entering the market. I mean, you can still see an advert for a two bed in this development on for €260,000.

I travel that road occasionally and it is actually possible to get from Mullingar to the city in an hour, but the tolls are outrageous.

Mullingar is, despite the recession, still a decent market town, good schools, hospital, railway station, John Neilan ruling the roost and apart from the odd riot or two, it’s not a bad spot.

Compare it to Blessington, also about an hour from the city centre, much closer to Tallaght, but has no rail network, an average bus service, no hospital, a miserable selection of places to eat or stay, one supermarket and lakes that you can’t even walk around - you can at Mullingar.

Of course for those who believe anywhere west of Lucan or south of Tallaght has nothing to offer, there is no argument.

Depressingly true, Kate P, but we’re working to improve it.

Mullingar apparently has a very strong community spirit which counts for something.