The Arrest Of Gemma O'Doherty


Gemma on a full on collision course now

Gemma O’Doherty arrested for refusing to provide her name/address to the gardaí O’Doherty & supporters had hung 2 banners off a pedestrian bridge over the N11 when gardaí arrived on the scene to tell them to remove them Banners read “masks spread germs” and “no forced vaccines”

The Caretakers Covid-19 legislation, challenged in the High Court

G’wan Gemma, keep up the threatening behaviour. Something about her shrillness and wanton abuse of Gardai makes me dearly want to see her batoned to the ground. :icon_twisted:

She’s on a sticky wicket. If the Garda suspects her of a public order offence as he stated, she’s required to provide her name and address and he’s entitled to arrest her without warrant if she doesn’t comply. Good enough for her – she’s as dumb as a box of rocks and could do with a sharp jolt back to reality.


Ah here now. You can’t wish violence on someone like that.

She wouldn’t be my favorite, but I wouldn’t wish her physical harm.

And criticizing someone on the basis of their intelligence is not really fair. It’s an accidental attribute.

Did you not claim to be a Christian?


I think she may well be a Psy-op to discredit rational objections to Globohomo no borders.


Possibly. Over-acting it, if she is.

The Caretakers Covid-19 legislation, challenged in the High Court

I have no problem with somebody being stupid on their own time. GO’D is not just a loon, she’s a dangerous loon. She is actively agitating to make sure that more people die of Covid-19. For evidence that the brand of “stupid” she is peddling is gaining traction you only have to look at some of the posters right here on this site. So yeah, a rap of a nightstick is the least she deserves for her wanton criminal behaviour.

The Caretakers Covid-19 legislation, challenged in the High Court

Have you considered her behavior could be a consequence of the process of grief? She lost her husband in 2015.

The Caretakers Covid-19 legislation, challenged in the High Court

Yes, I considered it as it’s the second time you mentioned it. I’m not aware that becoming a swivel-eyed conspiracy loon is a side-effect of a bereavement, but I’m open to correction. Have you any evidence that it is? In any case, it has no bearing on the objective evil of her actions and her reckless endangerment of others.


Did I mention it to you before…?
My apologies. I didn’t know you already were aware.

Have you any evidence that it is ?

Es complicado muchacho…

In summary, IMHO it is possibly a case of 1 thing triggers another thing. Bada bing bada boom…next thing you know all hell breaks loose!

Anyway, who knows…
But, my general points still stand about not wishing violence on anyone and it not being fair to criticise their accidental attributes…(intelligence/race/physical appearance…etc.)


Some more info and links from Page 530, Post 6,352 onwards:

There also appears to be a protest at RTE around 1 tomorrow, that may have already been organised before this little show/warm up.


You should head over to the US riots thread with your newfound concern. Posters there have wished death upon rioters and I didn’t notice a peep out of you.


GO’D fails to get her name in lights in the IT, being billed only as an “anti-facemask activist in her early 50s”.


I’m sorry I didn’t read the posts to which you are referring to…
I don’t read all posts on this site.

If you want you can quote/link them here…It those posters wished to see harm done to another human being for their personal gratification, as you have done, then I would disagree with them too.

It’s funny, because you recently referred this this site as a cesspit, yet you yourself seem to be the one bringing this site into disrepute with your outrageous commentary…? What have you to say of that?

Also, I wonder? If indeed you do think this site is a “cesspit”…then.

  1. Why do you continue to post here?
  2. What do you “really” think of the other poster here? (If it’s a cesspit, what does that make of the rest of us?)
  3. Perhaps you secretly like cess?


What I have to say is that you need to lighten up. :icon_lol:

Clearly. Otherwise you’d have more “cess” to get excited about than a bit of schadenfreude over a dangerous conspiracy loon getting arrested for a public order offence.


The best thing you could do is to offer an honest apology… to all the great posters on this forum who you referred to as “cess”.


LOL. Thanks for the advice but, uh, no thanks. And just by the way, how do you know all the posters on here are great when you admitted not two minutes ago that you don’t read all the posts?


There you have it folks. @ps200306 thinks everyone here is “cess”.




I see on GO’D’s site that she did a livestream around midnight. She says she might have to leave the country to escape the corrupt Gardai. We can only hope. John Waters was with her, opining that the burly garda in the vids from this afternoon is part of a global franchise to stop Trump from being reelected. I’m sure there was more batshit insanity, but ten seconds was the max I was prepared to devote. The only thing that concerns me is that I once took Waters for a sensible but much-maligned individual. Either I was wrong, or it’s surprisingly easy to sucker people into this cult-like thinking.

Meanwhile, an update from fellow loon Dee Wall about the planned protest at RTE tomorrow…



Although I suppose I do want to see Anti-fa protestors battoned. But GO’D is one of our own. Maybe misguided. But one of our own. To wish for one of our own to be battoned is :frowning: