The Arrest Of Gemma O'Doherty


Best not to get too worked up about him. There are just some people who have a dull plodding intelligence with just enough wherewithal to grab onto to the wrong end of the stick of every argument and never ever let go.

Although sorely temped to put on my ignore list I have just ignored any of his postings as having no discussion value except as the almost perfect counter indicator on almost any subject. The 'Pins very own Robert Fisk or Paul Krugman. All offering no real value to the discussion at hand and any opinions offered almost guaranteed to be 100% wrong. The opposite of the correct or reasonable interpretation on all subjects discussed here.

The Gemma O’Dohery story is very useful for the Irish establishment and media as a way of rubbishing and delegitimizing the very real and substantial push back in many quarters against the utterly incoherent, incompetent , and catastrophic response or the government to what turned out to be a minor public health threat.

We are so far beyond 2008 by this stage. The 2008 disaster was caused by the usual gombeen cute-hoorism. A financial money laundering scheme coverup that sunk the banking system. This time it just incompetence of the most basic sort that is now really just criminal malfeasance. Not one single person in the top level decision chain seems to have even the most basic grasp of any of the actual science involved. Let alone the mathematics. Or the economic or risk / cost analysis. Just because so many other governments have fucked up too is not an excuse.

By the time this is over at least 20% of the population will be permanently unemployed. The real economy will have contracted at least 30% and net disposable household income in real terms will back to early 1990’s levels. If lucky. And all because of a media driven panic over a novel human coronavirus that actually has average / below average risk factors to all age cohorts compared to the other four general circulation human coronaviruses. Its not even the 'flu, its the fucking common cold. Pretty much the same clinical numbers as the 15%/20% of common colds cased by coronaviruses.

Gemma O’Dohery may be a complete fucking eejit but she seems to have far more civic responsibility and actual patriotism that every single useless fucker I have seen in government or the media so far. You know just how bad things are when the only sane voice of reason and the only person willing to try to stop the current government madness is Michael O’Leary. Michael fucking O’Leary, let that sink in for a moment. Because by this stage the only people who can save the country are the cute hoors and the gombeens. And complete eejits like Gemma O’Dohery. Because absolutely everyone else in a position of authority or public life has proved themselves to be not just totally useless but actually dangerously incompetent in the biggest national economic disaster since the early 1930’s.


Banners were earlier hung at the footbridge across the N11 outside the entrance to RTÉ.

A number of gardaí and members of RTÉ’s internal security team were on the scene.

Presumably the banners at Donnybrook were not removed today by Gardai, and the activists arrested for a public order offence…

So it depends on which stretch of the N11 one hangs one’s hat.

Hey, let’s be careful out there


“One of our own”. That right there is the sentiment that has politics and society in the state it’s in. Nobody will criticise “their own side” when criticism is legitimately due. JMC above is the unparalleled example. There isn’t a right wing trope he doesn’t embrace. Coupled with a supreme air of certainty about every one of his own utterances. Such as Covid being as serious as the common cold. He and Gemma would definitely see eye to eye.

GO’D is a genuinely dangerous nutter. She is as completely irrational as her counterparts on the left. “My side” is anyone who will enter into rational debate in good faith. Fuck the idiots. It pains me to see Waters making common cause with her, but he has stepped off the deep end too.


Would you like to see Waters truncheoned too now?


Have to agree with this.

I had a lot of time for Waters once upon a time but he has devalued himself by association with O’Doherty IMO.

By way of example, Waters’ submissions during the course of their joint High Court action were generally deemed to have been coherent and well presented.

O’Dohertys on the other hand were ludicrous for the most part. Basically an SCD matron with accompanying grandiose sense of entitlement. Id strongly suspect that if she spoke with a working class accent and manner shed have been arrested long ago.

She may have been a decent journalist once but Waters should really go his own way if he wants to be taken seriously into the future.


Such as Covid being as serious as the common cold. He and Gemma would definitely see eye to eye.

So you have read extensively in the published clinical literature on the HCOV’s 229E, OC43 etc. the raw CFR’s for high score COPE-65 hospital admission with viral pneumonia who test positive for HCOV’s? Or the published literature on general population HCOV infection rates by age cohort and correlation with non-specific diagnosis for common cold?

As you obviously havent here is a summary.

Around 10% of all hospital admissions for serious respiratory infection when actually tested for HCOV’s tested positive. For 229E infections the raw CFR was about 25%. For OC43 around 15%. So corrected CFR numbers would be much lower but still higher than SARs CoV 2. Which has a CFR of 2% and an IFR of less than 0.2%.

In random sample test between 15% to 20% of people diagnosed with “common cold” actually had a HCOV infection. Depending on geography and time of year usually a mix of HKU1, NL63, OC43, and 229E. Usually one or two of the four accounting for most of the sample, the other two very low frequency.

In random HCOV testing of general population at least 1% of any random population will test positive for a HCOV infection at any given time. Higher during the winter. Lower during the summer. Under 10 years old, up to 30% are positive. Of those testing positive around 70% to 80% are asymptomatic. HCOV immunity has strong cross compatibility. Get HKU1, less likely to get OC43 etc. But HCOV immunity suffers serious time decay so most people get HCOV infections on a regular basis.

So given the SARs CoV 2 has almost exactly the same clinical and epidemiological profile as the other four general circulation HCOV’s and a lower CFR than two of them ITS JUST A FUCKING NORMAL CORONAVIRUS. Just like the one that causes around twenty percent of colds. Its the rhinovirus ones that are mild ones, its the coronavirus ones that make you feel really shitty.

Other stuff you will find in the literature. Coronavirus vaccines have had a very bad history. Low efficacy rates, very high side effects rates. Which is why the only “successful” coronavirus vaccines have been for domesticated animals. Probably because they cannot bring product liability law-suites

So lockdowns have zero effect on total pandemic mortality rates. Do the math. There will be no safe general population vaccine for SARs CoV 2. If you are under 60 or have a low COPE-65 score your risk of death from SARs CoV 2 is lower than 229E and OC43. If you are over 60 and / or have a high COPE-65 score you risk of death from SARs CoV might be higher than OC43 but is lower than 229E. In a typical general population infection mix profile. Again do the math. The stats are all there in the literature.

Try starting here.

The citation trail through the literature can be started from these papers.

You know you should stick to your telescopes and your rather tedious astronomy posts because you obviously seem to have read fuck all in the academic literature about anything else.


He will “go his own way” because that’s his nature. He’s essentially vain. He has insights and contrarian views that turn out to be accurate. But he is always undone by his vanity, touchiness, grudge holding etc.


GO’D went head to head with Commissioner Callinan at the height of his powers and defied INM’s cosy security bureaucracy relationship. She’s a legend.


Nothing in either of those articles deny the severity of covid 19
From your second reference
"The infection incidence and levels of severe illness associated with COVID-19 remains unclear. "
So no certainty there! and just below that

"In contrast, CoV-229E, CoV-NL63, CoV-OC43, and CoV-HKU1 are common cocirculating sCoVs predominantly associated with mild infection of the upper respiratory tract [[4]
They make no claim that covid 19 is as benign as other corona viruses.


Why. What did he do. [quote=“jmc, post:27, topic:88452”]
regular basis.

So given the SARs CoV 2 has almost exactly the same clinical and epidemiological profile as the other four general circulation HCOV’s and a lower CFR than two of them ITS JUST A FUCKING NORMAL CORONAVIRUS. J

Maybe you should see if there is room in the gemma tent for another spoofer. Highly motivated [thinking], penchant for misquoting quoting scientific literature, into conspiracy theories, good prose and prickly to boot.


That was then. Now she retweets QAnon memes and interviews people about chemtrails.


LOL. Your “put-down” posts follow such a formulaic m.o. at this point that one can only laugh. The first and most important thing to say is: go fuck yourself. In your private life you may be surrounded by individuals forced to kowtow to your arrogant twattery. In the wider world I recommend being a bit more civil if you want a civil response.

Your random stabs on Google Scholar are not going to impress anyone who can actually read. One of your cites is from 2010, and the other from March 2020. So SARS-CoV-2 didn’t exist for one of them, and the IFR was certainly unknown for the other (as it is still poorly known now). Which means your entire obscurantist screed is the worst sort of pretentious bullshit – fancy terminology to back up a “fact” that you just plucked out of your arse or from some right-wing talking shop.

LOL again. Unless they contain cites from the future, this is all irrelevant bollocks. You either know that, and are bullshitting, or you’re an idiot.

Ahh, the classic rhetorical finish. :icon_lol:

Listen bud, if you want the latest estimates on the IFR of SARS-CoV-2 you don’t have to delve deeply into the academic literature. Sometimes you just need to have a bit of intuition for what’s relevant (which you clearly don’t). I recommend starting with last month’s Nature news. IFR estimates are converging on 0.6% to 1.0%. Some age-specific estimates are 6% for 65+, 10% for 70+, 14% for 75+. Those are not pretty numbers.


I wouldn’t waste your breath. (S)He’s a bar-room spoofer. If (s)he ever talks about anything that you know about - you can tell all (s)he’s done is scoop up some sparkly gravel from the rich loam of knowledge. I used to think (s)he was a paid shill for some dark force but I think only Steve Bannon has sunk low enough to employ someone of this calibre. Then I thought (s)he might be Kathryn Thomas as (s)he seems to have been in so many countries. And then, in a flash, it came to me - (s)he’s one of the writers of the articles in Cara - you know the ones where they give you an in-depth view of a country based on a conversation with the African taxi driver and the eastern european at the hotel check in.


I can only assume Gemma is suffering from the traumas in her private life. Apparently she was relatively normal early in her journalistic career. I had the misfortune of managing someone who suffered from a paranoid personality disorder and there was simply no way of logicing or reasoning them out of the mental bind they get into.

Waters’ decline is more disappointing because on his day he was really capable of nailing it. ‘Jiving at the Crossroads’ is still an essential disembowelment of the illiberal liberal D4 set and very insightful when it came to the Fianna Fail vs Fine Gael dynamic.
When it come to rural Ireland he was a welcome alternative to the usual dose of urban condescension.
As time went by he hit the mark less and less and now he’s completely off the radar.


Im not sure hes “completely off the radar” but hes certainly doing himself no favours by associating with his current crew. His High Court action for example would have been much more likely to have succeeded or at least garnered more traction, if he had taken it alone.

As others have noted O’Doherty was quite a good journalist earlier. Even now some of what she highlights is relevant ie thw erosion of civil liberties and freedom of speech etc. However, her manner and delivery is terrible and she comes across as being very angry all the time. I think shes a liability to any movement at this stage and has become a figure of ridicule for many. She could probably do with a long holiday.


The article she wrote about paedophilia in Terenure College must have been particularly harrowing also. Going straight into interviewing multiple victims of abuse with little or no training and perhaps without the usual professional backups that a media organisation would provide may have been foolhardy.


Gemma’s website is down

This video talks about the site being taken down imminently, and the ongoing legal battle she has with Beaumont


Hope Gemma is ok. Never forget she exposed paedophiles and was onto something big in Donegal and Dalkey.



Gemma is starting to sound like Brandy Vaughan who was targeted & murdered last year :pray:



Classic case of Zersetzung. RIP.