The Asgard, Custom House Harbour, IFSC

Folks, a new colleague has asked if I had any thoughts on some flats they are looking at around where we work. Some were down around Grand Canal which I am familiar with and have my opinions. One of the options was in the IFSC - 272 The Asgard. It looks a reasonable size and a good bit of outside space. But I don’t know the building or area too well. Anyone any intel on this building/area? Is it well run, decent sound proofing etc? The only thing I was able to advise based on walking up and down John Rogerson’s every day is that there are plenty of feral kids causing mayhem on both sides of the Sean O’Casey. Not sure if this spills into the IFSC at night. I pass these cunts regularly carrying spanners, golf clubs etc.

I did point out that per the PPR it seems that it changed hands about a year ago so might be a red flag.

Any thoughts appreciated.


The low BER is a wee bit concerning.
Could be cold in the winter and a sweatbox in the summer.

I know nothing of the area.

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Looks great and very rare to find an apartment in Dublin with a spacious balcony. A similar apartment in many parts of the southside would cost upwards of 680K.

The development is well established and secure but I would have concerns about the surrounding area at night.

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