The Australian: Irish lawyers heading down under

Reported by The Australian, 20th Feb 2009

At the risk of offending any “legal eagles” on the site and paraphrasing the old joke … “What do you call the mass migration of all the lawyers from Ireland to Australia? A good start”. Now, if only we could get the politico’s to move too …

Blue Horseshoe

First the convicts! Now the Lawyers! Ah well… They’ll all be studying at the bar soon enough!

Oh yes Oh yes - I wondered why my migraine was starting to lift and there was a lighter feeling about the place!
Could we help this process along? Perhaps a levy - 50% of all army deafness, HIV blood-transfusion, ambulance chasing et cetera settlements? Oh sorry - forgot they already got that…

G’day Australia! or should we call you The “B” ArK?

I see your point and agree but just like to add that sometimes the only way to change things with the state is to cost them money.

And I agree with your point - the State (and big business) will not change things unless they are hit where it hurts - but why not have resolutions with some compo to the “victim”, a reasonable fee to the lawyer and anyone else involved, and a serious, mind-boggling balls-hurting penalty paid to some apprpriate charity or public service say? There is or was a precedent for this, m’lud, in the “Poor Box”, no?. It’s the silly fees paid to lawyers to prosecute and to defend these cases that puts people off asserting their rights and concerns on one hand, and on the other hand encourages the 0.1% of bent lawyers (is there a sarcasm smiley?) to egg on chancers to file compo claims.

absolutely, fees got out of hand. While the law is tedious and technical it is not rocket science. Others would have you believe its alot harder than it is. Answer me this. How do Gardai pull off cases against solicitors and sometimes against barristers and sometimes against teams of barristers when your bog standard Garda only has a diploma in policing from Templemore while the big shots spend years upon years doing degrees specifically in Law post graduate courses. In theory the gardai shouldnt have a chance.

Same way as our politicians get into power, they lie like the bejaysus. Also, district court judges love the gards.

Because most of the crims actually did do it? Because for many cases there is a state solicitor and a barrister (in more serious ones) for the State?

For example accounting isn’t rocket science either, and those buggers know how to charge.

in an awful lot of district court cases the defendants are guilty as sin so theres not much a Solicitor can do.

in relation to lawyers going to australia etc. a key figure to look at is the number of Solicitors practising certificates issued this year. A Solicitors practising certificate needs to be renewed every year and you usually get the results in early march. last year just over 10,000 issued. estimates for this yearly vary but my guess will be around 7,500 with lower figures again in 2010.

as you’ll all know Solicitor earn a lot of fee income from the housing boom and this has now dryed up. as is stands at the moment there are virtually no housing/mortgage transactions so my guess is the Solicitors will go the way of the Architects with 40% and more not working