The Best bargains 2008 to 2013 thread

Anyone believe something now looks like a good buy - post here. This is the thread for ‘good buys’

even bears can play by posting sales that were not too bad…

Here is my choice for inspired buy . when most of us were wondering about the 110 billion lent to Greece and wondering about the guarantee of our deposits, someone was thinking of buying Prince Patrick, Knocknacree Road, DalkeyPosted for 927k in Oct 2011.

4000 sqft of dalkey class . it required serious budget to do up, but it also had a separate bungalow on site. Only one was prepared to buy it.

Inspired hero of the property crash I salute you .

Uff! The house we could afford yesteryear and we didn’t buy is now a million miles away. If I read this thread I think I’ll commit suicide.

Post link ! …we want to see. … enDocument

Gotta be decent one. Good garden but needed a fair bit of work if I remember correctly … enDocument

One next door went for 50% plus more not so long ago … enDocument
€905,000.00 3 Raglan Road

Bought in Sept 2009 5 bed detached in Bishopstown for €337k I have thread on it. One two doors up now looking for €475k WILL NOT GET THAT. Similar house close by but in need of renovation looking for €400k Dont care if price goes up down or sideways I’m mortgage free and love my Home

7 Casana View, Howth…a detached 4 bed on Howth Hill near the Summit purchased in late 2011 for 480k. (There was a thread on it here charting the price drops over quite a long time.) It was one of the real bargains of the period, in my opinion; great location and very decent house in pretty much walk-in condition, if a little dated in decor. (I know the purchasers and I’ve been in it a few times since. They are very happy!) … enDocument

Yes 1.75 million is a serious pile of money but this is a serious pile:

Originally asking €7.75m in 2010. Sold October 2013 for €1.75m … enDocument

Still listed on MyHome as Sale Agreed: … enDocument

Thread on these houses. It needed a fair bit of finishing but 700k including vat looks good value now

3 Lea road in sandymount at €450k was a bargain.

I know the couple that bout this one.

At the time they struggled to get the EA to even show it to them. When viewing he made no effort whatsoever to sell it even suggesting they were mad to take it on. It was a doer upper. They put a bid in no other bidders, it was accepted job done. Well done.

This one for the Renalamaniacs: 34 Merton Drive

Sold for €445K in May 2012 … and-45858/

13 Windsor Terrace, Portobello. Site sold for 220k. House being built there now, almost finished. I reckon it will be worth 850k+ when finished…

Nadur, 7 Palmerston Park sold for 1.8 , I think it would make at least 2.8 now. It was in fantastic condition
Great buy

Anyone got any fancies for Cheltenham ?

I think you are in the wrong thread.

Don’t think so, Terra.

Large 4 bed on Braemor Park, D14, sold for €470k through Alsop stands out as a bargain: … -14-243528

Few houses that sold on Braemor Road in low 300’s now looking very good value too: … -14-251604 … -14-213123