The Big Tech & MSM reservations


Jim Watkins owner of 8kun has been outed by his son on parler as Q.

It's Happening+++

Ron posted on Twitter this morning that this is a fake account, complained that the account was verified on Parler.

Fake news.
No link because amusingly enough, I deleted my Twitter account this morning. The toxicity of social media grows.


You’re not suppose to leave the Big tech reservation don’t ya know!

It’s 2020 the theme is “lockdown”.

This looks like one in a line of hits on Parler, one of the growing platforms that does what others desire to dominate forever.

Dan Bongino @dbongino

Folks, this is the kind of stuff we’ve been dealing with all week. This isn’t real. I OWN PARLER.

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Amber Rose @Trump_Girl_NY - Nov 11

People are leaving Facebook in droves and heading to @parler_app… Now fox News drops this bs


7:34 PM · Nov 11, 2020·Twitter for iPhone



Even Snopes had to call out Fox News as false! :whistle: :rofl:

CNN pile in.

CNN push the threat to democracy (decode: our mob to control), good cause angle - it’s great for a constitutional Republic whose citizens enjoy the #1 super duper right of freedom of expression, ensuring a busy market place of ideas as Stefan Molynueux might claim.

Sites like Parler and are having an explosion of new user sign-ups moving away from twitter and the other globalist controlled platforms (did ya see the BBC want you to sign in now… desperate times, call for desperate measures), but we all know how this goes right… let’s call it the Ask About Money but Not Prices effect, for those who remember.

That’s what’s going on.

MSM and Big tech are losing their inhabitants because they’ve used and abused them for decades by lying and propagandising them day in day out and people have had enough of the deception, initially Americans gathering around Trump but it is and has spread again across the world.


Love it, and we all should know what happened next to that village.


Zuckerberg was not expecting those screenshots.


Wow. Just wow. All the years Ive been ridiculed for not using any of these platforms. My stock answer has been its the work of the devil. Now we know.

Wake up and delete peeps. Just like all media, if you stop engaging it will cease to exist.