The Black Dog and post lockdown mental health avalanche

A dozen indicators and trends and anecdotes, which on are their own would be insignificant, are leading me to think there is a mental health avalanche ongoing.

  • the job adverts for psychiatrists
  • the young woman down the road who shaved her head and wears a mask outdoors
  • the radio adverts

This hasn’t been caused by Covid restrictions, it’s been building since the Smartphone came on the scene, secure employment was destroyed etc


It’s almost as if leading an “Aisling” lifestyle makes you unhappy

That… is odd.

She has anxiety and over-obsessive ruminations about talking to her therapist.

And saying she might need to get therapy about having therapy?

Very weird piece to come out with at a time when a lot of people are probably having (IMO fairly normal & understandable) reactions of anxiety, stress and fear in a world gone mad.

I know I’m stressed these days, but I also think it’s a fairly normal/human reaction to living in the world as it is right now…

Well. There’s what she thinks she’s experiencing and what she actually is probably experiencing.

Why write an article when 2 minutes googling would say she thinks she’s experiencing the age-old “transferance” mumbo jumbo

But what she’s actually probably experiencing is just that her temperament involves a lot of neediness, people pleasing, self consciousness and her behaviour here is yet another facet of it, and nothing to be writing about. She is the High Extraversion, High Neuroticism type that the (female) media commentariat is filled with.

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NGO = Never Gonna miss an Opportunity

Covid-19 has adversely affected the physical and mental wellbeing of many more, the letter goes on.

All the lines are being drawn today.

Mental health must become the “national priority” as Ireland moves to the next phase of the pandemic, according to a coalition of more than 50 leaders in the community and voluntary sector.

In a letter to Taoiseach Micheál Martin on Monday, published by Mental Health Reform, industry leaders urge Government to invest an additional €85 million in mental health services to deal with the emerging “shadow pandemic”.

Oh yea, Mental Health has been a priority alright, but not like people think.

Here is that “mental health” industry - The Minds of Men

There has been a spike of young people, particularly those with eating disorders, presenting to mental health services during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Minister with responsibility for this area has disclosed.

Minister of State for Mental Health Mary Butler said that since the Covid-19 restrictions came into place in March 2020, “the number of young people entering the system is a lot more than those leaving the system.”

Daily statistics of deaths and cases had also “played havoc with children’s emotions” and the service was getting calls from children as young as six years of age saying they were “afraid and scared”.

The increased contact was “sustained thereafter” with many children seeking support online as “they may have felt as though their conversation could be overheard at home”.

Issues raised included emotional and mental health well being, suicide and self harm.

Of course the NGO’s solution is to invest more in NGO’s not to change policy

Government investment in mental health services for children was less than half that recommended by the World Health Organisation, while waiting lists to be seen by a specialist “are unacceptable”.

The charity has seen a “marked increase” in children with “severe anxiety and indicators of depression” while there has also been a “significant increase” in parents dealing with higher levels of stress and struggling to cope with daily parenting.
Children’s services “could do much more if adequately resourced”, she told TDs and senators.

Well observed I never saw this post. The Menace Bankers Lockdown is the push needed to cement the digital lord of the flies techno peer lead society.

A Spiritual deficit or vacuum, genuine introspective spiritual growth, has been insidiously rebranded as “Mental Health”, it is also how the State moves in on the Churches former zone of control (or whatever the spiritual pillar is of the tribe of the day pinpointed for reengineering) because it has to, you can not ignore it or you lose control of it, but calling it “mental health” is actually, losing control of it in the first instance.

The Pharma pills are meant to plug the hole and keep the human glued together and reduce or stave off the mess until such a time society don’ts care what happens to you - in short, there is no pleasure taken in watching mad people engage in futile attempt to kill the soul with pharmika, they will destroy the person.

I dunno who said it but don’t leave the spiritual crisis until you’re on the death bed ok.

The garden needs tending, and children are a great help - the secret to this is no secret at all, it’s called living a full life. From start to end, but right now the virus has more human rights than humans do and a full life makes eco fascists scream and tear their clothes off and smear themselves with carbon, no no, that’s not a mental health issue, it’s the right to be right and freely express oneself.

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Clearly there’s a mental health illness avalanche ongoing caused by what the old have done to the young. Indicators include

  • Radio adverts about mental health services
  • Radio adverts seeking adult volunteers for youth groups to sign up at This could also be a sign of the impact of migration on society - the Bowling Alone effect Robert Putnam has shown that when Diversity increases, Trust lowers and volunteering and social cohesiveness decreases.

For the first time, more than one million cases involved those aged 18 and under, a 26 per cent increase in cases in just two years.

I see more day to day life evidence of post lockdown depression in children. This study shows mindfulness exercises can actually increase depression. Expect Ireland to ignore this and roll out mindfulness for kids.

I do think mindfulness and meditation have their place & can help develop a strong & healthy mindset.

However, being continually directed to those resources as “solutions“ when the cause of poor mood is not endogenous, but is reactive to an increasingly insane world of fearmongering, lockdowns, civil liberty restrictions and … that’s infuriating and counterproductive.


Yes this is a book that lays that argument out. And attacks Jon Kabat-Zinn on every page.

Mindfulness meditation encourages people to pay attention to their thoughts and feelings without judgment, and is used successfully in adults to manage mental health, so researchers were keen to find out if it could also help earlier in life.

Oh dear.

Watch the whole film, it’s old school, or watch even from this point here around 42 mins in, give it a few minutes until the phase 2 clip.

Recognise anything? :whistle:

How about, it’s just like how people were reacting the night Donald Trump won the US Presidential election, is that it?

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Bingo bongo!

Consider what this implies.

Someone’s children are already next…

All your Wellbeings belong to us.

Psychological damage like this?