The Black Dog


In my case it was more about leaving the past behind and embracing the future. The way I was living wasn’t good, I needed a change of plan, and I implemented it. I still have bad moods on occasion, but almost never long stretches of them.

A friend of mine had completed a construction related course, and just finished in time for the crash. There was zero work. She had a long period of depression, but finally through medication and therapy she pulled out of it, started an new career and she’s fine now.

The observation that it’s based on circumstances which need long analysis makes sense to me, although one wishes the process was quicker…


A dozen indicators and trends and anecdotes, which on are their own would be insignificant, are leading me to think there is a mental health avalanche ongoing.

  • the job adverts for psychiatrists
  • the young woman down the road who shaved her head and wears a mask outdoors
  • the radio adverts

This hasn’t been caused by Covid restrictions, it’s been building since the Smartphone came on the scene, secure employment was destroyed etc


It’s almost as if leading an “Aisling” lifestyle makes you unhappy


That… is odd.

She has anxiety and over-obsessive ruminations about talking to her therapist.

And saying she might need to get therapy about having therapy?

Very weird piece to come out with at a time when a lot of people are probably having (IMO fairly normal & understandable) reactions of anxiety, stress and fear in a world gone mad.

I know I’m stressed these days, but I also think it’s a fairly normal/human reaction to living in the world as it is right now…


Well. There’s what she thinks she’s experiencing and what she actually is probably experiencing.

Why write an article when 2 minutes googling would say she thinks she’s experiencing the age-old “transferance” mumbo jumbo

But what she’s actually probably experiencing is just that her temperament involves a lot of neediness, people pleasing, self consciousness and her behaviour here is yet another facet of it, and nothing to be writing about. She is the High Extraversion, High Neuroticism type that the (female) media commentariat is filled with.