The Brazilian Oil Province

A significant ‘find’ of oil has been reported off Brazil in recent times. US Neo Cons purred happily at the thought of decoupling insatiable US oil demand from the turbulent middle east as these prospects came on stream.

Bloomberg reports a different reality . While the oil may be there it will be a tad difficult to get it out . Its twice as deep as anything that was ever recovered so far.

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I used the following when counter arguing that Irelands suspected oil reserves were in too deep of water.

Can’t vouch for the veracity of this site :wink:

Hhhmmm… “Peak Oil” versus “Zionist Scam”… caught between the mad house and the loony bin.

Russia did drill the superdeep Kola well and its NOT an oil well but an attempt to pierce the earths crust ( IIRC) , nor is it in deep water like our our oil and the Brazilian find.

Our situation is comparable to recent deep wells in the Gulf of Mexico but do 2 simple calculations WTTR willya before you drag international zionism into it again :frowning:

  1. how deep is the feckin water
  2. hoe deep is the oil below the seabed

There’s nothing like a little bit of sweet talking to spur me on!

Pray! Tell me! Is there anything in the above that bugs you :question: :wink:

As I mentioned before! There is no valid reason why we could not have sunk a half billion euro into exploiting our oil industry instead of poring c.€300bn into the property sector and landing our youth with €200bn in mortgages, half of which will be related to negative equity. This was pointed out years ago, but the ordinary guys who did so could not match the big boys with brown envelopes.

Now, the same politicians are lining up Killybegs to take advantage of the exploitation of the vast reserves of oil and gas that we gave away. They have two chances of taking the business from Scottish bases. We have little sense. They know that promises will get them elected

Some trick! Take the crumbs of the oil and gas exploration of our shores, while at the same time they facilitate the mortgaging of our children’s future with massive debt. A forth term is bekoning and with the same opposition :unamused:

We had no choice but to give it away in the 1980s and 1990s . You quoted the reason yourself .

It was impossible for the THEN technology to extract it economically , now you can go deeper and the price of oil is 5 times what it was back then meaning the NOW technology can extract it both technically and economically .

The next licencing round ( after the recent one) can come with conditions that would have been laughable only 10 years ago because something exists out there . However 100% of fuck all is still fuck all WTTR . Any leverage we have is a very recent development .

Having said that there are indications that we may have as much as half a Ghawarout wesht but Ghawar is only a couple of feet below the desert, this is below 4000-7000 ft of stroppy Atlantic and then some serious rocks after that . … 1205200801

More on the subject here

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Or even better we could refine the vested interests :smiley:

Great. That’s all we need. Find oil and reignite the bubble.

By the time we find and pump any we will

  1. have to pay world prices anyway
  2. will only be able to guarantee energy security for the next 50 years
  3. will have very little revenue from it for the first 10 years of that period.

Its 15-20 years off being worth anything to us …longer if you do not believe in peak oil 8)

so many options. so few answers…


Why? Was it burning a hole in someones pocket?

Surely we could have left it there, and sold the rights (better still set up a JV) when it was actually worth something?

Rather than just give it away for a pittance so it could be profitably extracted at some future date?

2Pack wrote

I don’t see any sense in the above comment. Anyhow, I am not going down this road again. It is the easiest thing in the world to find a reason to do nothing. But for we, Irish to just give it away! This I could never understand. Yea, I admit, there’s alot I don’t understand about the attitude of our government and oppositions approach to the known hydrocarbons off our coastline. Contrast their attitude with building hundreds of thousands of housing units. Just think if you had a rural renewal type scheme for the hydrocarbon industry. Much of our resources would be in Oil and Gas instead of in surplus housing units and dwindling house price stock all over Europe. The present scenario was foreseen ten years ago, but as to convincing the numbskulls in Government. Top civil servants, government politicians knew more than plumbers, taxi drivers, farmers, some teachers, fishermen and a few opposition politicians from the west etc. Oh for the love of God, it is painful to think of the thickness and stubbornness that are the major attributes of our ruling Elite.

The Norwegian Government nearly were bankrupt with forty to fifty initial non productive oil/ gas sunken holes in the 1970s. The Irish have been afraid of investing in our waters, either for fishing or hydrocarbons. The Spanish were taking billions of pounds annually from our fishing stocks in the 1970s and 80s while our youth emigrated. The Dublin civil servants and politicians have a thing about any investment in water. They could not even handle floozy in the jacuzzi.

Here she is, she has taken up residence elsewhere, matured and now is very happy far from the influance of Leinster House and Irish Civil Service bureaucracy

Oh! If only Grannuaille was alive and well. She would show our politicians how to: plunder the resources of the sea, instead of lumbering our youth with massive mortgages; knock them out of their silly illusion that a few rich people makes a nation wealthy!

Lest I was unclear :confused: .

Irish Oil, even if present in sufficient quantity to warrant extraction , is **ALL DEEP ** oil or else will be on “extended lateral reach” from a centre point which means long as in deep but laterally .

The North Sea is SHALLOW , cheez I am getting sick of explaining the obvious :frowning:

Large Norwegian Condeep Type platforms such as Sleipnir and Ecofisk are in 80m or so of water, typically .

These are not feasible in the Atlantic because of


While the Porcupine Bank is more like 400-500m deep and nowhere less than 200m . No Condeep has been deployed beyond 300m depth .

Don’t mention the Canadians to me either WTTR , you evidently did no research there …or the fact that the floozy above is not “THE Floozy” . :frowning:

You were - what possible advantage has ireland gained by selling this oil cheaply when it was uneconomic to extract?

Possibility one - it’s not extracted because it never becomes profitable, no gain (apart from the trivial licensing fees).

Possibility two - it’s extracted when it becomes profitable, but because it was sold cheaply larger than necessary profit given away.

Ireland should have (at most) paid a small percentage of any oil found in return for exploration drilling.

Still unclear as to what you are about. Your arguments against exploitation are the same for the foreigners as for our government. Still, the bottom line, after wallowing through all the mumbo-jumbo that either of us brings up, is that we let control go. The exact same way that we now are letting go control of our economy to the bankers (“the floozy”, beats pissing on her!) :unamused: