The briefcase of bananas


Did anyone watch Prime Time yesterday?

Any idea of who Frank MacDonald’s “yarn” was referring to? :angry:


There’s all sorts of shite flying around at the moment. I’ve hear that McNamara has body guards and that he’s been advised by the police to leave the country and that he now spends most of his time in Spain. I also heard that another large developer was ‘ruffled up’ recently :unamused:


The bananas story was recounted to me, about a month ago - allegedly Sean Dunne.

It was a good source who told me, but as someone else then pointed out it’s a great story regardless of whether it’s true or not !!! :laughing:

No doubt it happened, somewhere, sometime …




Ah the classic puffy shirt! :laughing:


“But I don’t want to be a pirate”


What’s the bananas story?


Bankers summon developer to meeting to discuss current valuation of his portfolio. there are around 12 of them, top financial and legal team in the bank. They are expecting him to arrive armed with his own legal team and accountancy outfit but he arrives alone.

The bank spend 40 minutes outlining the banks projected valuation of his assetts and the severe predicament he finds himself in. When they’re finished they pause and await his response. He says nothing, opens his briefcase and produces a bunch of bananas handing one to everyone in the room, He peels his own and takes a bite out of it and remarks,

“we’re all monkeys now”



Not enough bananas there for all the monkey bankers!

Would someone get down to Smithfield for more quick!


thanks ewd3


:laughing: classic seinfeld indeed


I dont get it. What does he mean by “we are all monkeys now”? :blush:


:laughing: :laughing:

No deep meaning

monkeys = idiots= clueless chimps



I’d argue that they were all monkeys already, just the suits fooled people for a while:


Actually I find this joke highly offensive and specieist, some of my best friends are monkeys and none of them would go near a banker or developer 8)


Very apposite: … tiger-cubs


I think that it means that in the past the banks were the organ grinders who could dictate to the developers (monkeys). Now with loans secured against overvalued land, developers that can’t pay the interest on the loans and international money markets that are making the loans expensive and difficult for the banks to finance the banks have lost control. They are no longer the organ grinder, they are just another monkey.


I’ve never met a monkey in negative equity.
and some of them have spectacular homes.