The briefcase of bananas


First prize to BuyHighSellLow




For any idle bankers biding their time around Georges quay here’s your chance to prepare for the next meeting.


Anyone know where I could pick up 3.5 million bananas !
I was thinking of getting Gaybo and Pat the Plank to distribute them… ‘one for everyone in the audience’ ! 8DD


Denis Casey today told shareholders that yes, we have no bananas (no developers)


If you were to believe some of the commentary,it was the other way round with the developers being the organ grinders with bankers chasing them halfway round the world to lend them money.

So I Guess its Official now… Change of Anthem to the Rats Classic ??


i used to send bananas when i got vexed with banks!
here’s a mention from a blogpost in april of this year (see ulsterbank section)
i ended up with a solicitors letter from them due to an image i did -it had to be taken down in the end. … they-care/


I just thought about this incident a few years ago with NatWest, I think there was a youtube video of it somewhere :smiley:


The big developers had the upper hand in the boom. Don’t forget, they we’re client side, not the banks. I was in many a meeting with bankers when some loose side chat wandered to semi-anxious discussions about which bank might have the inside running on various big deals with developers.

I always had the view that bankers were made to cramble over one another by the developers.


I guess we’re all banama’s now.