The Bulgarian Dreams nightmare

We’ve been following the activities (or lack thereof) of this crew for about a year now. You’ll find a number of postings on our blog about them. If you’ve bought a property through them I’m afraid you could be in trouble, it appears they’ve disappeared without trace.

Get ready for the first annual “international lawyer expo” at the RDS. Same week as the now defunct “international property expo”

I have been trying to warn people about Bulgarian Dreams since 2004 when I got duped into buying with them. Luckily I pulled out and fought hard and got my deposit back. I even wrote a whole ebook about the experience called ‘My Bulgarian Nightmare’. Available on my website at

I have been instrumental in passing many people on to Milen Hristov as because of my experiences and website I get many people contacting me in very unfortuante circumstances due to Bulgarian Dreams. Many have put all their savings into apartments that will never be built.