THE BUNGALOW, Glenlucan Court, Bray (-260k, -31%)

Has been €845,000 for ages and featured here in the Irish Times. … 27443.html

Now 780k … HIAR340951

Further drop to [*655k * (

Total drop of 190k or -22%

Now [*585k * (

Total drop of -260k, -31%

Hmmm …
Looking at it from the helicopter in
it looks like there’s a site being prepared at the back of this house.
And looking at the brochure on myhome : … low/105477
and switching to the satellite photo,
it looks like someone has built a bright redbrick house immediately behind the back wall of this house.
Am I reading this right? If so, it strikes me that it’s a big drawback to the house, which might explain the big price reduction.

2 years on now €465k … ay/1876318 … 9M252z0NTw

permission granted in 2005 for dormer in the back garden.

Sale agreed now