The Census 2016 Thread


Your starting to come round to my way of thinking with regards to the census figures Mantissa :laughing:

If anyone actually believes there are less than 10,000 Nigerians in Ireland as of 2016, I presume they are still writing to Santa!
There was over 17,000 in Ireland as per the 2011 census and even that was probably well under-counted based on the asylum stats in the last 20 years. And now there’s 7,000 less with Nigeria as country of origin. CSO should be embarrassed releasing ‘stats’ like this


There was a Brazilian team playing in the junior league in Roscommon a few years back made up of lads who worked the meat factories. I assumed that they’d be of a certin standard too but a mate who saw them play said they were hopeless…more Irish than Brazilian at the soccer :laughing:


but they could be getting citizenship since and declaring as “Irish”. Im sure there was a time when they thought they’d be the largest minority, how wrong they were!

As for the Brazilians, I doubt they ever dreamed of entering the favelas before they came here.


I thought of that but the table relates to ‘country of origin’ so it’s nothing to do with citizenship


What is this random visual nonsense and to think money was spent on that!

Is there more? :frowning:


it says origin of non-Irish nationals. if these figures include those with citizenship then the CSO are lying.

that’s the second time in a year you’ve said that about a pinster in this thread, sept 17 2017

@ open window, any gibberish can be made via data analytics


I thought the Coles one was interesting, deplorable even


A lot of Nigerians take Irish citizenship. There are huge reason to do so. No longer needing an employer visa and kids can go to third level on EU fees.

They are probably desctlribing themselves as Irish now in the Census.

Update: I found another Census stat that says 8,000 Nigerians in Ireland have dual nationality.


I don’t follow :question:
Plus, I can’t see any comment on the prev page for Sept 17,2017

Skippy3- the question on the census refers to ‘country of origin’, not nationality/citizenship.
So are people misinterpreting the question and the CSO need to look at that rather than just throw the figures out there with no thought given?


Knock yourself out … ypFhkE3CnE … sreleases/


it was Sept 14 2017 :blush:


It comes from CSO
You can refine it further and break down “Nationality” answer as: Irish-American 17552, American (US) 10519

And another breakdown


Coles generally has a left wing view of the world, so I was surprised to see him post the following

If the wicked witch of Illinois heard him say that she would call him deplorable


Fake students got an amnesty in 2011 and there’s another one coming in the months ahead that will turn 5,500 (+ 000’s more through family reunification) from fake to fully paid up visa holders/social welfare entitled to stay on legally in Ireland.


At what cost to the taxpayer may I ask?


Huh? I personally would expect these people will be net contributors to the exchequer.


Not the right way of looking at it in the current currency fiat / central-bank-eurosim.

The question is always Why?

Why does an illegal action require a blanket amnesty?

Why was it illegal in the first instance?

Why now?

Why not other crimes?

That’s for starters.

The only people who can answer these questions are the people who push it and they have in a way answered it very clearly with the “net contributors”, straw man and faulty reasoning.


I cannot see how people on the minimum wage are net contributors (over a lifetime) ,especially when family reunification takes place, at the tax rates/social insurance levels we have in this country


Immigrants are often on low wages because they are discriminated against in the employment market (for all interpretations of “discriminated”, and for several reasons).

Regardless, they are almost certainly more “net contributors” than those born in the country who are or would be on similar wages, since their home country has paid for their unproductive childhood.

Immigration is good for tax and spending. That’s one reason why politicians like it, plus it requires them to do nothing to make it happen.


But here’s going to be more than just those working in Ireland as a result of the latest amnesty. They’re eligible for family reunification, social welfare, housing etc. There’s no way that the lowly paid in situations like that or net contributors. It doesn’t add up