The changing face of the pin

This is my first post…and I don’t want to cause any offence, but it’s just some observations I’ve made recently regarding the pin.

I’ve been following the pin for a while now. Over the last year or so it has provided me with some great information and has really opened my eyes to modern day Ireland. Thanks to TUG, OW, Green Bear and some of the others.

I thought the no glee policy was a great idea, but recently I think that it’s slowly starting to change. There have been more postings on the pin from those rubbing their hands with glee in anticipation of what the future holds. No matter what happens from here on, people’s lives are going to be damaged. I think a house price correction is what is needed, however I do also feel for those who might lose there homes. There will be winners of course, but there will also big losers.

Such boasting from the likes of BertieBasher “Seems I’ve saved myself 7000 Euro by renting.” and regarding the house in Kilkenny obviously mistakenly listed for €23,500 “I could buy 5 of them cash.” are what’s wrong with Ireland today. On one hand those who may somehow affording a lavish lifestyle are criticised yet those who boast openly how much money they have aren’t. I’m sorry, but I don’t see much difference.

It’s just hypocritical.

I don’t disagree to a certain extent, El Captain. Can I call you Captain? Thanks.

Anyway, yeah, people stretch the line of good taste to my mind from time to time but one of the great things about the 'pin is we try to let it ride as much as possible… And it’s kinda hard to judge that perfectly, ideally, we’d like everybody to be of one mind, etc., but that’s impossible.

Best to think of the 'pin as a communal sort of pub with every thread a different nook and cranny of said pub. If you don’t like the tone in one corner of the pub, take a seat somewhere else… I know it’s not perfect but it’s the best we can do really.

And people are always free to contact one of the heavy mob if they see something that is particularly out of bounds…

Nice to have you onboard though Captain and hope you don’t go overboard! :wink:

I say these things in jest and to annoy 2Gaffs with his boasting. Frankly I think it is a good laugh and not to be taken too seriously.
I am aware that certain misinformed people will take a hit and I certainly don’t revel in that. I am not and will not be taking satisfaction in their loss.

2 Gaffs is a happy oul property bull, almost a gleeful one in fact, and good luck to him TBH 8)

Ohh so it was kind of a who’s mickey is bigger kind of thing? You’ve got a few quid, he’s got a few houses. Who’s the better? Fair enough. May the best or biggest man win.

Perhaps it’s attitudes changing, reflected in the pin which is what my observation was.

Anyway Friday Thirst to be quenched.

I don’t mind being called Captain or whatever. I couldn’t think of a username and I was listening to Idlewild at the time.

Then you erred because the Idlewild track is: “El Capitan”!



I hear ya.
But look at it like this:

  1. Where was the no glee policy when people were buying houses for the last 10 years when many were excluded from this club? With no hope of entry? How many young couples were trapped in rental market not knowing how to continue, whether to start a family etc?
    Nobody told those celebrating (getting the gaff they could afford) that they should keep it down, there are others not so lucky.

  2. People here are really happy when they see that they may be able to get the foot in the door in the near future. Why wouldn’t they be? Why are they begrudged this happiness when the 1st set weren’t? This is some strange double standard. Nobody wants to get rich on misery, but that’s not what this is about.

  3. Low house prices would be a fantastic boost for the Irish economy, so we would all benefit. We could all buy houses (at a price we can afford)

  4. In general, Developers / landowners got rich not homeowners. Admittedly they are very quiet in terms of glee, but if anyone has a problem with feeling like they were shafted, they should immediately contact their developer, Leave the little people alone!

For me the sour grapes are sauce for the goose, we all complain when the value of our car drops, or LCD TV’s are cheaper now than when you bought. Yet there is is no talk of a non glee policy here? what about all the people who bought LCD’s at the top of the market.

LCD TVs - even to the greatest fool out there - are always going to depreciate and also get cheaper.

its all about the tradeoff between when do I want to get it, what spec to settle on and how much do I want to pay. If you wait long enough you will get what you want (could be right now for someone)

I have an old friend who spent about €10,000 on a brand spanking plasma as an early adopter…

He works in derivative markets…

[quote="geckkoI have an old friend who spent about €10,000 on a brand spanking plasma as an early adopter…
nice! :wink:

Personally I don’t agree with the OP. Anyone who doesn’t currently own a house but who for years would have liked to is likely to be ecstatic at the prospect of prices falling. I think it’s unrealistic to expect every hint of that to be erased from their posts. I’ve had the feeling that people have cried “no glee” rather to frequently.

Obviously I feel for the people who would be hurt by a collapse in house prices but I don’t see how screaming “no glee” at an errant emoticon is going to help them :frowning:

I think the mods have got the balance right … slightly too tough in my eyes not tough enough in other peoples.

I don’t see anything wrong with statements like that above. What’s wrong declaring how much you have saved by making certain decisions?

  • I saved €400 by switching my insurance
  • I saved €20,000 by choosing to buy a second hand car

There’s a danger that over emphasising glee correctness will hide useful information.

BertieBashers thread highlights that Rent is NOT dead money and in the current market, you can save by renting rather than buying.

Thanks to OW, TUG and everyone else involved, the Pin is an excellent real world information resource where facts are not disguised or hidden by vested interests. It would be a shame to lose some relevance through glee correctness.

I would fully agree with the assertion that the no-glee policy is slipping somewhat. I’ve noticed a disparity in what comments slip through the net and what get deleted, but then again no one wants AAM-style censorship. Personally, I have had two comments deleted of late which I still can’t fathom. One was a comment on the dilapidated state of a house in Rattmines which was in reference to the ludicrous asking price which I didn’t think breached taste, and the other was a comment about a certain bank which has been proven by no less than a Leinster House committee and reputable investigative journalism. On the whole though, I feel the moderating on the 'Pin is fine - except for the bollix who made snide remarks about Tallaght a while ago.

I think the no-glee policy should be enforced rigourously where it’s ordinary people’s homes that are under discussion, due to how serious an issue it is for them personally. I would relax the rules somewhat when it comes to discussing hooky builders, criminal solicitors etc coming unstuck. Stories like that warm my heart, and I often light up a Monte Cristo No. 4 Habana to celebrate news like this when it unfolds.

One of the strengths of the Pin has been its balanced and fact-based approach to discussing the matters which come within its terms of reference (and many more aside) without straying into the realm of “gleeness”. This is what has distinguished the majority of contributors (including those of a more bullish disposition) from those of other arenas which discuss the same topics. Long may it continue :wink:

It should also be borne in mind that many of the contributors here are property owners themselves and some stand to lose out significantly due to the fallout from the very issues under discussion

Whilst I agree with the no-glee policy I think an air of exasperation is allowed. For far too long ppl went with statements such as

Rent is dead money
Only fools rent
Sher houses always increase in price
…I can go on.

As for ppl being flash and loose with the credit card, who am I to judge the actions of the individual; But I feel that we can judge the actions of the masses…Exposing yourself to financial ruin is not good and to be honest downright foolish. To do so without examining all sides and looking at all possibilities is foolish in the extreme…and as we all know from Mammy’s knee…Fools and their money are easily parted…

Sometimes it is hard not to say


as the mandatory ads on TV say, your investment may go down in value as well as up, If you fail to keep up with payments you may lose your house…past performance is not an indication of future…

Ppl have to start taking responsibility for their actions, or else in a few years time we will have paupers court were ppl are using the excuse, sorry your hon’ur, I blew all my pocket money each week as a kid that why I didn’t pay my mortgage or the gas bill…its my parents fault

excuse the rant but the buck stops with the person…

I thought it did! Live with it Johnny for krissakes… If anybody had made a similar comment (and really think about what you referred to) it would have gotten a similar treatment…

Housing in this country has become a zero sum game and right now a lot of people (like myself) are on the verge of collecting on a significant gamble that we took - of course we’re going to be happy. That’s not wishing ill on anyone else, but non-glee policy should be seen as “non glee directed towards wishing ill on the loser” rather than “non glee at winning the bet”.

The enforcement of the " No Glee Policy " can at times seem subjective and we can all argue over semantics. Some comments maybe construed as an insult by some while others may view it as tongue in cheek or not worthy of reply. Either way , the Moderator’s decisions must be respected. Ultimately though , a draconian enforcement of non specific rules such as the non glee one will be view by rational , level headed posters as unacceptable and may cause them to log off indefinitely.

Most of the posters here appear to be level headed individuals with good representation of bulls and Bears :slight_smile:

I do think this a properly run site and doesn’t even come near the total intolerance on AAM

If individuals are ultra sensitive , may I suggest they look inward rather than cry foul of the site and not look for sanctions against postings ?

Really? So the analogy to house prices is correct (for now) :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Again I say it - if individuals become upset at others getting a bargain - they should complain to where they bought it, not the bargain hunter.

It is clear we should not (and we don’t anyway) be happy about misery of some people stuck in this evening, not knowing how they are going to make ends meet.
I saw a post here a few weeks ago, it was quite touching really, bringing news of how people in a particular estate were living alone amongst row upon row of empty house.

I may have been mistaken in being just observant of the pin and perhaps it’s an observation of Irish society as a whole. I’ve been away for a few years and have returned recently to a very different country. It seems like people are always trying to get one up on a neighbour or a friend. Having more money, a better car, a bigger house etc. I suppose I better just adjust quickly or get left behind.

For the record: I am a potential first time buyer.