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At least 30 people slept rough during snow storm
Offers of beds were declined by people in Dublin city and wider Dublin areas

*At least 30 people slept rough in Dublin on Wednesday night despite the best efforts of outreach workers to persuade them into emergency beds.

Temperatures in the capital overnight fell as low as -5 degrees.

The Housing First Intake Team (HFIT), operated by Focus Ireland and the Peter McVerry Trust, will be out with medical personnel through Thursday, again trying to get people who have so far refused offers of emergency beds, to take them.*



Looks like Mr Conlon is in the slammer … -1.3376981

If his name sounds familiar, he was head of XSIL viewtopic.php?f=19&t=516&p=159190#p159190


What’s in a name? Charidee boss puts the con into Conlon


Gotta get me a job in the Charideee sector

Volunteer earning €3,000 a week bought cocaine as he ‘didn’t know what to do with money’ … 96320.html


The article doesn’t state that your man was earning €3K a week as Homeless Volunteer. I would imagine a Volunteer doesn’t get paid anything more than expenses. My wife is an employee of a charity, she’s never referred to as a volunteer. Volunteers are the ordinary joes who come in and help out. I volunteer at a local community group and I’ve never been paid.


3 grand a week would put that joker onto the Fergus Finlay levels of charidee remuneration. sounds like its a cover story as to how he earns 3k a week :nin


It’s either really crap reporting/editting or an editorial attempt to confuse people into thinking he was earning €3K a week from working with the homeless. It’s the Indo so it could be either one.


Back in May … 00522.html

In the news recently: … 93203.html

Its pretty bad when you screw over pensioners donating money and people with a life changing disease. Good to see a totally different approach to charity being taken here.



Abusive husband demands he be called sound after he hands missus a bag of frozen peas

#460 … -25ql5gnz8

Compare and contrast…


Founder of Homeless Charity Rents Out Holiday Lets
Aubrey McCarthy, of Tiglin Challenge, a homeless and rehabilitation charity, has been running – at least until earlier this week – a short-term-lets business through Airbnb.
He was connected to 14 listings on the platform either as the host or co-host, all in the Liberties area of Dublin 8, most of which are apartments. The listings had been taken down by Tuesday night.
Using homes year-round as short-term lets without planning permission is a breach of planning law.


I haven’t seen that website before but fair play to them for that article. Some investigative journalism…and in Ireland. jaw dropping stuff which says a lot!


Dublin Inquirer is a really great publication.I subscribe to the print version and it’s really good.

It’s found a gap in the market.

The Irish Times doesn’t do proper Dublin local stories and and deHedild is just rubbish with a readership that’s dying off.


Yes indeed. Online subscription is €5 per month and they break at least two good stories a week. Well worth supporting


You lads are almost convincing me to subscribe. Haven’t even clicked on the website of an Irish “newspaper” in years


The Inquirer has a bit of a liberal feel to it from a quick look around it earlier…not for me so :laughing:


It’s not exactly the WSJ editorial page, but the reporting is actually very balanced.

There is a nice mix between opinion and reporting too. The hacks are young and are pretty meticulous about getting to the bottom of an issue and getting on-the-record quotes

You would, for example, never find a story like this onewith really obvious questions left unasked.


Alas we’re all united in our need for shelter but divided in how we solve that problem.


reading all the players on every side of the argument, and none of them see that they agree about everyone being shafted with housing.