The Childcare to Old Aged Care Era

We hit below replacement during the early 1990s, bumped back up again and went down since post GFC.

Why. Why the huge drop post 1980s? Policy or social change or a mix?
But I also would like to discuss the pros and cons of the modern era of child care.
Seems that the era of doing it all on a single wage was a golden era in some regards but negative in others.

Why hasnt maternity leave been enabled to be split between parents?

It seems that today is so much less about the family and all the results are parents being used as nothing more than economic units. High house prices mean dual incomes are required in many cases. Some parents wage is being spent almost entirely on childcare. Subsidising this means those who do not avail of it and would rather spend time with their children now have to compete for housing with those who do. Unintended consequences of bumping up prices and leaving more people with less time with their children.

Is it healthy for children to be in so much structured care from a young age on, with aftercare a huge feature now too.
Should there be limits? Is the rise in children being diagnosed with so many behavioral disorders related? Its a new phenomenon. Or its modern diagnosis.

Is this a great society to create?
The other aspect is to all of this is the institutionalization of old age care too.

Inspiration for the post was seeing this

Some old threads on child benefit reform that may be relevant.

The Children have alway been the target.

It’s a Menacing Satanic onslaught insidiously rolled out to attack the family, the Children suffer the most.

The anti-irishtimes, one of the may Trojan menace media assets for the controlled demolition of the Irish nation. Sick puppies installed everywhere.

The decline in birth rates across the western world have coincided with the normalisation of two income households.

While it may have constituted ‘liberation’ for a minority cohort of generally upwardly mobile professional females, it has resulted in a deterioration in general lifestyle for the majority of the population who work to pay rent or a mortgage rather than for the purpose of professional advancement.

Possibly the most striking outcome of this development has been the benchmarking of property prices to two income households rather than one with the resultant outcomes being a society that has become more and more reliant on the state…. Cradle to grave so to speak, not to mention the ramping up of inward migration with a view to acting as a substitute for home grown children.

I wouldn’t worry too much though. These are first world problems limited to a very small minority of the worlds population. And it just so happens that that percentage of global society has run its course and is currently on the way out….another likely outcome of all of the above.


The introduction of the Birth Control Pill was a big and first Menace vector of eugeno-chemo attack

The second was then introduction of legal infanticide in the womb aka abortion. Murder. Old school but medicalised murder no less.

Full spectrum attack on the life at every potential moment from before and during conception onwards.

The pill was the Julian Huxley vision where Women would kill their now offspring, get the female to do the heavy lifting, infiltration (of the mind) how insidious and, devious and utterly satanic, a new Apple for a New Age.

The Menace plan is easily seen in two broad movements as exacted on the primme target, The USA:

  1. The migrant population into teh US since 1960 is approx 44 million.

  2. The total aboriton murder figure since the early’s 70 is approx 63 million

Murdering your own future generations before they are born guarantees chaos, it guarantees social and replacement capacity to sustain a healthy and vibrant cohesive and homogeneous society is undermined possibly extinguished.

There is no argument against this, and if there is it’s a Menacing malthusian constructed atheistic lie.

That’s the plan in a nutshell, reduce the potential instances of native births and flood the region/country with migrants, some of those cohort have pre-aboriton/pre-wpillpill borsht rates.

Ireland has just gotten the fast-track and experienced this in less than a decade in truth, at max les that 2 decades where teh US or Uk took half a century or more.

There have been other methods, like the softer contrapceotpin, the general media delivered mind programming with globalist menace end of world nightmares like overpopulation and global warming enviroemtonal end of world doom, but the are bull on the foundational interventions of murder and invasion.

Yesterday the over turning of the Roe Vs Wade is a move beyond most comphreinsion becasue they don’t think in timelines. Most stats talk about rates.

This is worldly WAR, and you haven’t seen the other side hit back and it has taken generations. Inter generational worldly war.

The Perps and the linage of perps (you need to think about this lineage aspect) has not only told you about it’s plans but it’s convinced you to vote for it’s plans, super insidious, super duper and they delight at every turn and encourage you to delight to.

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As we import the third world to do the low paid work, poorer standards is what you can expect for our most vulnerable. Young children and the elderly will suffer. We all get old.

An example of where its going:

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Some people will not be happy until children are fully institutionalized from week 1:
"The ESRI says Ireland and the UK regularly feature among the countries with the highest costs for full-time care in the OECD.

However, it says initiatives such as the National Childcare Scheme in Ireland and Universal Credit in Northern Ireland mean reduced costs for low-income households.

In Ireland and Northern Ireland, early years staff have low pay levels and staff retention can be a challenge, according to the research."

lots of ifs and buts in that conclusion with talk about not having good enough data. I feel that if the poor data lent itself to backing early learning for pre-school children that they would have jumped on it.

I think I heard only if you send your child to a registered child minder can you get the National Childcare Scheme subsidy. Only 100 registered per that article…

The reality of this is that the state organ driving this is looking to expand so that they can have higher budgets and therefor higher salaries. The standard being sought is almost unobtainable in a family home setting. So, for example, the room where infants sleep is only allowed to have the cot in it and nothing else - not even a nursing chair or changing table. Does your house conform with this for your own kids ? I started life in the drawer of a chest. Your home would be subject to inspection (which I don’t object to - your home should be suitable) but you have to comply with all of these crazy rules. Interestingly if you are living in a damp, cold & mouldy Local Authority flat no ones seems to care at all.

This is designed to shut down family care and move to institutionalised care or as I call it Games of Thrones.

Will there be compulsory UN mandated masturbation classes for your two year old led by a trannie? Asking for a friend.


In 1981, only 24% of women returned to work within a year of childbirth; by 2001, it was 67%, and the Department for Work and Pensions says that 76% of mothers now return to work within 12 to 18 months of having a child

But for kids who spend time in daycare centers, the pattern is different. Their cortisol levels tend to rise as the day goes on. Instead of peaking in the early morning, these kids experience higher levels of cortisol in the afternoon (Geoffroy et al 2006; Vermeer et al 2006; Sims et al 2005).

He did indeed. Along with excellent opinions on the prices of gaffs.

And immigrants. Although I seem to recall they had another name back then.

Agencies that run daycares say they’re so short of early childhood educators that they doubt the national program of $10-a-day child care can be delivered to all the kids who will need a spot.

Stories abound of daycare centres running at half capacity, asking parents to take their kids out of care for a day or two a week, or even shutting down operations entirely, all for lack of staff.

The Trudeau government is promising to give all families in Canada access to high quality child care at an average price of $10 per day. Its plan calls for creating 250,000 new child-care spots by 2026.

Early Childhood studies, she could make as little as $18 an hour if she chooses to remain employed as an ECE because this is the base rate of pay for qualified ECEs in Ontario.

The low rate of pay in Ontario is typical across the country with average and base wages hovering only a few dollars above minimum wage. For example, the baseline rate for trained ECEs is $18.89 in Alberta, $19.05 in Prince Edward Island (if workers have a 1-year certificate), and $19.53 in Manitoba. Other provinces, like Saskatchewan and British Columbia are currently relying on one-time top ups or wage enhancements of a few dollars, with no guaranteed minimum rate

Childcare is absolutely dependent on subsidies.