The coming productivity boom


I’ve commented on this before.


This may sound a bit far fetched at first but there could well be a communist revival if the world doesnt handle the move to robotics and automation correctly.
As it stands, unchanged, the system will simply create trillionaires out of some already very wealthy people while the general public increasingly claims welfare.


Corporation taxes are just another type of tax that people pay.

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It might be that handling the move to robotics and automation “correctly” requires a communist revival.
With a lot of automation and robotics, I see fewer externalities than with earlier technological leaps (e.g. pollution, resource depletion, etc.,). The main externality is the occasion/opportunity for more extreme inequality, while the actual productive surplus increases the concentration of control (not just ownership) of the “means of production” can become incredibly centralised.
However, that degree of automation and distributed computational “intelligence” (even if just of a “pattern matching form”), makes more practical some of the planning tasks that stymied earlier communist efforts. (Granted, the planning problem was not the only failure of observed communist attempts, however it was a critical failure point with no solution at the time.)

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Not an entirely far fetched scenario in a dictatorship


Especially if you get to the point that you don’t even need “workers” to wield the weapons to suppress the masses. Not only does it become less likely to have a mutiny of your armed wing, but for those who are in control of the capital, it becomes much easier to shield themselves from their actions and their actions’ consequences.


That is an essential point. For how long would soldiers turn up to work if their job was continually to shoot children in the back or kill women holding infants like at Ruby Ridge? Automation of killing takes even that level of protection from injustice away.

Recent article published at The Saker blog speculating on European preparations for population suppression.


Troops in these scenarios haven’t ‘gone home’ for several days or weeks. I was in a scenario a few years ago where all mobile phones were collected by a senior NCO for the duration of an operation - what struck me was the entirety of our communication with the outside world was filtered by command and this grants a lot of power to influence a group. But all that is moot if skynet does actually awaken…


There is no need for a Robot tax. Simply tax capital gains the same as income.


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What can robots NOT do?!


Molest the sheep!



Meanwhile for office workers, tool upgrades are introducing negative productivity as the cloud failes to live up to the hype and the time taken to do simple tasks on cloudy apps vastly increases over their locally installed counterparts.


Where did you see that Yoga?


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Ironically a robot for a sport that’s in freefall.


Badly written aps are a real time waster, I just wasted nearly a day just trying to convince management that it was the app that was at fault and not the network!