The coming productivity boom


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the previous productivity boom…the RTE Hands documentary is a good source of now obsolete skills and trades
with some exceptions like the saddle makers who sell on hand made higher end stuff but that’s the exception to the rule even in that industry or whats left of that industry


Fascinating video to watch.
The pace of technological change is going to leave a lot of people on the sidelines.
I wonder which white-collar industry it will disrupt the most ?


There was no cement on those bricks


Celtic tiger building there


There’s probably some pyrite though.


A few seconds in you can see the mechanism that would apply mortar to the blocks during the assembly of a real structure, they must use the same blocks over anover again for demos.

Some of the latest mortars can leave a very tiny joint and is squirted on like toothpaste.


This is a good short story about automation from 2003. It’s far fetched but the initial US scenario is not completely unbelievable. I don’t know why a manna system hasn’t been tried up to now. I have noticed that the Lidl workers are all wearing headsets, I’d say it’s an open radio system but whose to say that it’s not recording everything and keeping track.


I know it’s zero hedge but…


And Aldi staff ,It’s very easy to set up such wireless systems to track all the devices that connect to them, in fact, there are wifi systems designed to operate in industrial environments that specifically track the locations of containers or pallets within the site, or even individual manufactured items as they go through the assembly line.

Tracking staff would be no different.

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The comment below is from this article above ->

Check out OTTO, drove 120-mile journey with no driver in front seat ->

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Replacing estate agents with robots.


Did Sherry Fitz not do that years ago? :mrgreen:



And do pray tell what is going to build, program and maintain those robots?