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I need somewhere to put these.

Get served washing up liquid by accident? Here’s €4k … 81883.html


a 13 year old boy ingests detergent due to negligence of hotel, they’ve probably done ok to get out of it for €4k, a reasonable claim if you ask me. Thankfully they didn’t serve him bleach with his chips instead of wash up liquid.


The article doesn’t say he ate it any significant quantity of it. There was no lasting damage. What wild he have got from the PIAB?

Hope he enjoys the €4k.


He will enjoy more than he did his chips I reckon.

What would you have thought was a fair settlement?

  • No injuries
  • No loss of earnings
  • No medical expenses

Maybe €500?

(Naturally none of us have heard the details of the original case so there may be more to it than was reported)


Let me ask , if it was your kid would you accept that?


Good question. Maybe €1000.

Also wtf was this doing before the courts? Liability was not contested. Cases like this should have to go to PIAB.



Here’s my top contender so far in 2016 … 07751.html

90k…enjoy your €5+ pints because there’s a premium included for 5hite like this


€4k seems reasonable enough in this case. No major damage done, true, but I suspect that having washing up liquid and vinegar in sufficiently similar bottles to mix up is a bit of a clanger in itself. That’s a big enough award to be a noticeable slap on the wrist for the hotel, but not so crazy that it’s likely to put them out of business or anything like that.


IT worker awarded €19,000 after whiplash claim following ‘heavy’ landing of Ryanair plane … 85671.html


A compensation claim is not meant to be punitive in nature; it’s a payment to compensate the victim for loss of earning; psychological distress; medical costs and the like. In fact the settlement will not be paid by them. It’s their insurance most likely.

Because it didn’t go the PIAB route the legal fees were likely higher than the award.


That’s not “by accident” it’s “by negligent”

I wonder if any mistake can really be explained away as being “by accident” where payment for a good or service is involved.


315k on this one!!! … -1.2548564


I guess we’re splitting semantic hairs but… in my mind it’s “negligent” when it’s due to a failure in systems, management, something of that nature, i.e. the organisation did something wrong. It’s an “accident” where one person fucked up one thing (i.e. put the wrong jug on the tray).

The exception to that would be where the individual is paid for their high level of skill, e.g. a doctor but even then I would see a difference between, say, negligently deciding on the wrong course of treatment contrary to best practice, and an accidental slip of the wrist during surgery.

I guess it’s the difference between “this should never happen” and “it could happen to anyone occasionally”. Not sure if that makes sense.


My understanding is that any award to a minor, even if it is acceptable to both sides must be approved by a judge.


Seems like you’re right. It can still go via PIAB though:


I remember this one. Crazy.


75,000 … 87632.html


Ah here…

Also, 6 months out with a broken ankle? Talk about milking it

#20 … -1.2549433 … lash-limit

7k settlement from my insurance company for a very small fender bender I was involved in back in 2010; not a chance that the fraudster had whiplash but they never bothered to check/challenge.

You are reading in the papers about all the large settlements but not the small ones.
If the claim is low enough then the Insurance company will settle very quickly rather than go to court.

It really is at the discretion of the Fraudster as to how brazen/greedy they want to be.