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Does anyone else see Ireland becoming a destination for compo tourism?


Some rough writing in that article alright.

And then some odd quoting that Leeds to this bit where your not sure if its the journalist or the claimant whose making the misteak


A bit of commonsense to counteract the madness being referred to in the last few posts… … er-appeal/


That’s really great news.

The State has to be able to carry out works to limit the erosion caused by hill walkers and these ‘sleeper’ paths, - while not ideal, are a good solution for some sections. Other sections with a lot of traffic need proper stone paths and drainage, as long as they don’t repeat the Sliabh Liag fiasco.


I like this:


That hill-walking reverse is good news. No judge likes their decisions overturned so hopefully it will encourage others on the circuit bench to take a more robust view of these sorts of claims.


Absolutely. And it’s a pretty damning reversal too - pretty much “watch where you’re going”.


so still heads you win, tails I lose


On the back of getting her personal injuries award judgement overturned on appeal last week, Judge Linnane gives “musician” short shrift in the Circuit: … 67653.html

Chancer also gets turfed out. … 66295.html


And in both cases costs awarded against the claimants!


She will have to pay her own costs which after a trial in the CCt and a few days on the appeal to the HCt will not be insubstantial, probably north of EUR200K. A solid result all round.

#212 … 28765.html … ight-club/

#213 … -1.3009925

By all means prosecute the idiot who left the bars down but what does 51k actually do for the family?


Falsely accused of stealing a Jambon from the Deli counter…here’s €20k to cover the trauma … 71978.html


I’m with Anthony on this one.


Yeah, but 20k!


Did the business bring charges, or was it all resolved in the shop? Was his name published before he brought his case for defamation?
If you’ve had your name publicly dragged through the mud by people who falsely accuse you, refuse to listen to reason, won’t look at exculpatory evidence in their possession and waste valuable court time, then fair enough; take them to the cleaners to teach them a lesson. If you’ve suffered a short lived mistake caused by an incompetent jobsworth, which passed most people by and lasted a couple of hours, then an apology and a modest multiple of loss of earnings is more appropriate. The first case might warrant €20K, the latter more like €200.
If I saw a non violent incident with a security guard and a customer, with no permanent record in the public domain, I’d have forgotten it after a week and wouldn’t be able to pick either of them out in an identity parade the next morning. There’s a threshold to be passed for a claim of loss of character to be credible.


You would have thought so until you enter a courtroom. He probably deserved a free coffee and an apology.


The ironic thing is, when somebody sues in this manner, to me it shows a loss of character.


I think the hard issue with defamation is the theory that once your good name is tarnished you can’t easily put the genie back in the bottle. In this situation you don’t know exactly who witnessed the incident and it’s like that anyone who did see it didn’t see the full resolution and therefore may believe this man is a shoplifter. In a small community word could spread really fast that “Joe was caught shoplifting”. What if someone assessing his application for a job hears it? Or assessing his kids’ application for childcare, or school? Or his golf club application? Once a rumour like that starts the damage is pretty much done.