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In a case such as this publishing a public apology in the local papers should suffice, and maybe a donation to a local charity. If a claimant requires more satisfaction than that then the meter should be stopped on the defamation. Any further reputational damage is done by attracting the publicity of a court case.

The main issue in this case seems to have been that the shop failed to respond to the correspondences from the solicitor, and maybe the award was punitive for that reason.


You might be right; I’m not defending the amount of the award but I do think that with public defamation it’s very hard to quantify how far the information has leaked and therefore what the potential damage is.

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just like the Roy Keane episode;


Another good decision. (One of my daughters went to this school for a few years in the 1990s - couldn’t praise it highly enough.)

Hopefully the tide is beginning to turn on this nonsense… … 91576.html
*Chasing games in school yards throughout the country should not be prohibited, the President of the Circuit Civil Court has ruled.
“I just cannot accept the proposition that they should,” President Mr Justice Raymond Groarke told barrister Adrianne Fields, who successfully defended a €38,000 damages claim taken against a school on behalf of a six-year-old pupil. Veronika Trjasunova, now aged 13, sued through her mother, Natalija Saveljeva, Guardian Angels National School, Newtownpark Avenue, Blackrock, Co Dublin. *


I believe I posted before that running is banned in one of the catholic boys primary schools in that area. Madness.


Traveller who trips on footpath in halting site while jogging, 1 day after a car accident, fracturing 1 knuckle gets 60k … -1.3041074

I’d love to know if he got a payout from the car crash also?
Only mugs work 9-5


It gets better. He received a 5k bonus for the harrowing agony of having his completely believable story queried. … 04012.html


Only in Ireland will you possibly not get a driving ban when caught drinking or be able to take a compo claim without producing medical evidence of your injuries! … -1.3046795


*Whiplash is one of a family of disorders which the medical profession created in the second half of the 20th century. The scientific or pathological evidence for the existence of any of these conditions is poor. But labelling people as suffering from whiplash or soft tissue injury provides them with secondary gain in the form of cash from compensation claims.
Whiplash helps to provide a good living for a large number of professional people. Among their number are physicians from many specialities, physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, spinal surgeons, dentists, psychiatrists, psychologists and, of course, lawyers. Whiplash in some affluent countries is big business, a multibillion dollar gravy train for the medical profession, victims and lawyers.


‘Dropped’ footballer sues ex-club for post traumatic stress disorder
Seán Cooke says Carrigaline United wouldn’t pick him after his dad fell out with coaches … -1.3063341

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As has been said before, it’s the judges are ultimately to blame for the culture becoming what it has. Here’s another soft touch. This 22 month old obviously was the victim of an unfortunate circumstance, but she was stitched up and sent on her way, and has a near invisible mark. Why not wait and see if it actually “affects eyebrow growth” before handing out a wedge of compo dollars. They are making it a lucrative fishing ground for chancers.


she doesn’t like being put in her buggy. That truly is a first for four year old… :imp:

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How on earth they were awarded damages in the circuit beggars belief.


This one will warm the cockles of your heart

Singer performed on ‘The Voice’ after claiming he was crippled
Elvis fan awarded €18,000 over car crash despite being ‘inventive’ with injuries … 19642.html

Judges are out of control

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posted for comparison…
lose your wife/mother of your child 528k ; daughter 20k ]
how is a cut on your knee that will heal worth 20k then ?


Precisely half of what Monica Leech got for the insinuation that she had had sex with someone.

The system is bonkers.


Coming up on Primetime now…SME’s talk about ballooning insurance premiums and how it’s going to force some out of business


Army captain who lost out on promotion due to maternity leave awarded €824,000. … -1.3155271


Bizarre. The lady was clearly wronged and deserves compensation.

But the judge has taken the difference between the pre- and post-promotion pay scales and added it up for the rest of the career. This assumes that she would never have got promotion later, which is unrealistic. She also has paid employment outside the Defence Forces already.

For some reason he has doubled it too.