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€100k for falling off a dodgy ladder borrowed from a customer’s shed. … -1.3333853


+His workmate (who he thought was assisting him) wasn’t holding the ladder at the time.


Ha ha brilliant, another Judge trolling from the bench


Here’s something I would like to know.

What happens if someone, be it a window washer,lawnmower or delivery man has an accident on your property, could you be sued?


Depends if you were seen to set a trap or not. Like lending someone a faulty ladder, as this householder was found not to have done. I’ve had workmen ask to use my ladders, like when it was only needed for a minute to check something. It would make you wary.

This was a good case actually as the householder was not held liable, which presumably was the main aim.

It still probably cost the householder 5k maybe more ? in legal fees. Hiring a cheap gardener can be expensive


A little personal anecdote…

One of our kids had an accident at a creche 7 or 8 years ago where they got a fairly severe cut across their lip. I remember at the time that I was very unhappy with how the creche dealt with it but the idea of suing them never even entered my head. The scar is still very visible and when I see it (and hear of outrageous compensation payouts) I often wonder if we did right by our child. There is no statute of limitations on claiming for injuries that a child suffers.

Now we won’t sue (I’m not sure why not - it seems everyone else does), but there must be an awful lot of historic cases coming through the system when the payouts are so large.


46k Coles…prob more as your kid still has a visible scar

‘Unattended’ boy who fell while climbing wooden pallets behind crèche awarded €46K … 24548.html

I despair for the future of the human race


Without going into too much detail, some years back I was playing a particular sport and broke a thumb due to the ‘lay of the land’ (so to speak).
As coincidence would have it, the girl I was living with at the time was also the underwriter for the sports company.
She said if I showed them the x-ray, which was in my possession, I would get up to £30,000 without contest.
I didn’t because the sport involved certain risks of which broken bones was one.
The thought of suing was just alien to me.


Ah you see, that’s your problem right there. You have to get into the mindset. I have a friend who was castigated by other friends for not suing for whiplash that she didn’t have. And another who helps run a large voluntary sports organisation who is dealing with compensation claims for a trip in a carpark because the “victim” suffered stress by thinking the fall had given her breast cancer and had to wait a couple of weeks for a diagnosis. (That’s not a joke).


It may sound superstitious but I genuinely believe in the principle of Karma (of sorts). Im
pretty sure that Ive observed the phenomenon play itself out in my own life over the years and would be of the view that the old adage ‘no good comes of bad money’ or similar will ultimately apply in these cases.


I’ve been approached by some family members who want to extend their home but it all depends on how much compo they get for a traffic accident they had. I would have assumed the compensation might actually relate to the damaged car or some medical costs, but no, it’s for extending their house.


A janitor who never refused overtime decides later on to su the company he worked for, for allowing him to work too much overtime.
1 week he managed to work 36 hours overtime…gasp, horror.

Result = €64k for his suffering … 56187.html


And by the way, although the little scrote probably deserved to lose his little scrote, apparently it was just a chafe on his ballsack that didn’t even need a stitch.


You couldn’t make this stuff up. … 79636.html


She obviously did. Personal responsibility has left the building, the town, the country on a flight paid for by everyone’s insurance premiums.


I don’t understand why the insurance company capitulated so quickly or are we not being told the whole story.


Because they know well what would happen

I don’t know how many cases I have read about over the years where big pay outs are made to people who are wrongly accused of shop lifting, its easy money


No end in sight

Schoolgirl (14) awarded €55k for elbow injury after falling off flicker scooter that hit pothole … 95150.html


Miracle of miracles! For once, sanity prevails. No, missus, those electricity wires did NOT accidentally come adrift just as you happened, by sheer coincidence, to be felling trees beside them. Do not pass Go, do not collect €200k off the ESB. But top marks for trying it on. … 66377.html


A brat, from Caherciveen, you don’t say…